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Posted:(im writing exactly what is written on the sponsorship form in front of me here...)

24 hour nonstopmegacharityjugglathon!

Sponsorship form

12 o' clock @ St. Peters Hall, Cromwell road, Whitstable


All of the money raised on this marathon circus skills session is going directly to the orphans of Chennal boys home in South India. The objective is to raise 1200 by Christmas so we have really have got to work it!

If your reading this from then you have already agreed to help me out ( eek ), and I extend my warmest and most heartfelt thanks to you all!

P. xx

Minimum sponsorship required: 10

Please feel free to phone me with any questions on 07748957564

*end of writing on form*

So thats basically it. If you fancy getting sponsored for this good cause, and fancy a bit of a 24 hours intensive juggle/ spin/ smoke then please feel free to head down and help out.

Drinks and refreshments WILL be provided but there are shops nearby anyway.

If you do ring the man who is organising this (Paul (Bristols naked handstand guy) who some of you may remember), then tell him you saw this on HOP or he will just get confused.

HE should be here in a few days to answer any questions you have that I cannot answer myself.

I expect to see some of you there! kiss

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Posted:and i wasnt informed?! im heart broken ubbcrying this should be a fun day/evening night, i think the theory is that at least one person has to be juggling at any given time so that for 24 hours there are are at least 3 balls flying thriugh the air. juggle smile

i cdnoult blveiee taht i cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht i was rdanieg!


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