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Forums > Social Chat > Are you 'bi' or 'on'?!

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Posted:Ok, this is a bit like the 'weird habits' thread.

When I have beans on toast I always have my beans by (bi) my toast. I thought I was the only weird one (as my friends and boyfriend have made me believe this) but recently I have found that there are 4 more people like me! Yay! We have beans by toast, not on.

3 of these bi people are here at work as we were discussing it all afternoon yesterday (we get very bored!).

It's the same with scrambled egg, we have egg by toast. And if the beans happen to touch the toast (nooooo!) then we eat that soggy bit first. I mean, how can anyone like soggy bread?!?

So we're starting our own cult and i wanna know how many of you are there?

So, are you 'Bi' or 'On'? ubbloco

Always remember... one MUST protect thy bread....

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Posted:Written by: fluffy napalm fairy

half n half smile

This means that you are 'bi curious'.... wink

Always remember... one MUST protect thy bread....


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