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Posted:hey, one of my friends moved to leicester uni in september and has recently told me about loads of poi spinners in the area, i was thinking about goin down to see her for a weekend sometime and thought it would be cool to meet up with some spinners while im at it, maybe learn a few moves.

anyway please let me knwo as it would eb really cool

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Posted:wow thats just down the road... *Needs a car*....

Look here though

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having a look around to find any spinners at leicester uni or anywhere near by, aside from/as well as looking at the midlands meets (above link) as im starting at leicester uni in october!
found this thread so thought i would give it a go! lol.



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Posted:I grew up in Leicester, and my dad was a prof at the Uni...

I'm down there very occasionally to visit the folks, let us know where they all meet and I'll try call in some day smile

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Posted:i dont go to the uni but i live in a near by village!


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