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iammrpoopypantsSILVER Member
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Location: Taiwan

The flags sold at this site are:

Bright parka nylon fabric
Ball chain leading edge
Strong double loop nylon handles
Leading edge is 28inches (71cm)
Weight 268gm/pair (9.4oz)

28 inches?!?!!?!?
that would make buzzsaws etc pretty damn impossible.
anyone know another place to buy flags? I'll dish out the cash, but I'm not picking up a needle and thread :P

I was thinking more like 16-20 inches, my GF wants some, and she's small biggrin

Tao StarPooh-Bah
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Location: Bristol

i'll make you some smile

i have the smae problem wanting smaller poi & stuff than everyone else. short arms you see.

i'm sure there are people nearer taiwan who can make them, or people who have better pre made stuff, but i can make some nice flags for not very much if you want smile

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iammrpoopypantsSILVER Member
10 posts
Location: Taiwan

wow, really? that's uber cool, not at all what I expected. Much better!
can you ballpark a figure for me? You can email/msn me at
if you aren't comfortable posting a price here.

Be forwarned though, this will be our first set of flags, so I don't know much about what material etc. As for colour, I think I'd like a neon green solid deal. "citrus" is what I would have gotten from here if the size was right.

Do you have any pics of flags you've made before?

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