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Posted:Hy everybody

I have the great pleasure to go to New Zealand for one month from end of feb to end of march.......I'll fly into Christchurch and plan to stay on the South Island....I'll meet my grilfriend there and I'm looking for some good hints in regard to activities, such as

- poi or staff events
- outdoor activities such as kayaking, canooing, hiking, canyoning without meeting too many tourists
- nice places to stay where we can really relax and enjoy ourselves....
- good food

Thanks a lot in advance

Regards and kisses

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Posted:hey hug

poi, juggling, staff and other such fun see <this> link

south island activities biggrin biggrin biggrin loads... you can do so much... some places will be touristy tho, if you have your own van / tent the DOC (dept of conservation) campsites are both cheap and not full of your average tourists... they're a bit hard to get to without your own transport tho...

the BBH hostels are nice and tend to be much smaller and homely than the big chains (ACB, City centre etc)

loads of tramping to do in the mountains smile

could go on and on....

hope you have a really lovely time
take care

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