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Posted:I decided I want to have more options in my fire-fun wardrobe as I only have the following:
a pair of blue pepe jeans
an adidas jacket
a long sleeved top (black)
A harley davidson bandana.

all 100% cotton as specified.

The bandana is the coolest thing I have as part of my "outfit", and I've been looking into getting a hoodie for wire wool fun.

However, what is available to me is pretty lame. I need to expand my spinny wardrobe somehow but I also dont wanna look like a dork. (or look boring)
There should be somewhere other than ebay that I can get hold of fibrously natural spinny clothes without having to go into town and having to make sure items are 100% natural?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I think it would be great if HoP started a clothes line, Then everything will be sorted!
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Posted:do it naked!!!!

Remember.........YOU LOSE!!!


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