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Posted:Does anyone know where I can find out if it is legal for minors to be paid to spin fire. I live in NY State USA. I have heard that it is not legal, but I need to know for sure. How can I find out what the laws are in my state?


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Posted:To spin in public you need public liability insurance. I would imagine that would be VERY hard to get for a minor.

As for local laws I would ask the police dept. They should be able to advise you.

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Posted:I would pm NYC. He's been spinning in the area for quite some time and would probably have a better idea who to direct your inquiries to. The police around here have absolutely no idea what the regulations regarding fire spinning are.


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Posted:Aye - I think where you'll get stuck is you'll find it VERY hard to get insured as a minor.

And you shouldn't think about getting paid for spinning (fire or not) without being insured...

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