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Another disaster. More pictures of families destroyed and people mourning the loss of their loved ones. Another appalling, incomprehensible death toll. ubbcrying

My love and thoughts to those coping with the aftermath of the earthquake in Pakistan and India.

The appeals for help after Hurricane Katrina are being mirrored again - with those affected asking why relief is taking so long.

Should there be some kindof international emergency relief team? Doesn't that exist already?!

Check here for more details: South Asia Quake BBC info

(Incidentally, does anyone know why it's taken so long to get a post up here about it? Are we really becoming desensitised to natural disasters and huge death tolls? I know it's been a terrible year... but I don't want this thread to become a discussion about this yet though... wait a while)

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Posted:i think the problem with getting aid to these places is because in the last year there have been at least 3 HUGE disasters, Boxing Day Tsunami, Katrina, now this, it seems to me the fund that did exist cant really cope.

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Posted:the whole situation is awful.

one of my friends parents live out there,right in the heart of where the quake was.

thankfully they were awy from home at the time as they've lost pretty much everything they own.luckily for thm tho his dads in the army so most of the superficial things will be replaced courtesy of the state,but most other people aren't so lucky.

thankyou for putting this thread up firepoise,and yes you are right,its a shame nobody did it earlier.


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Posted:I don't know... I just find nothing to say. What can you discuss about this? It's just terrible, and sad, and it keeps happening frown Maybe that's why noone put it up in discussions... I don't really think it's a shame cause I think I know how most HoPpers feel about it.

Once again, on a comparatively bad day, I realise that I really don't have that much to worry about, no matter how much I stress myself over it. Why do one's own problems always seem so big, and it takes a catastrophe to realise they're nothing on the grand scale?

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