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Posted:Does anyone have any advice for constructing a very cheap but effective glow staff? Materials and construction advice would be awesome...but I'm on a really really low budget! Thanks!!

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Posted:How cheap is cheap? I mean you have a variety of options available and choices to make. Do you want something like a flowtoys staff that has a removable battery powered light source or something that runs on a glow stick type idea. Cheaper in a way but the glow sticks costs will add up.
If you have an idea of your budget and what you want then it'll be easier to help you more. smile

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How much are you willing to spend?

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Posted:ditto *feels dirty agreeing with FRD but not noodles ubblol *

I just tape glowsticks to my staff but that can change the balance somewhat..
I think if you go with glo-sticks try to have a hollow bit of tube at the end of the staff to insert them in...or have a hollow metal tube, drill some holes through it and drop glow sticks in plugging the ends...(I haven't tried that yet so make sure glo-sticks don't rattle or move when spinning and therefore change balance)
You could use above method with battery operated glowsticks as well. or in stead of hole use small slits (I have many ideas for a staff but no time or money to make a new one.)

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Posted:thats basically what I did with my GlowChucks. Just jam the light sticks down the ends and they should hold with friction pretty darn well. Its if at all loose i put some tape around the glowstick/lightstick to increase the diamiter just slightly. pics are at

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Posted:I am gathering the materials to make a staff using EL Wire. not sure how expensive it will end up being yet though wink


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Posted:Is this for me? Or for your own nefarious purposes? biggrin tongue

Thanks regardless... hug

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