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Long time poister, but a newcomer to the world of whips.
Do lit whips still crack, even on fire?

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You should ask Arashi... or wait til he comes along.

He knows whips.

He's from Texas.


Getting to the other side smile


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Posted:Yes, I saw a video somewhere recently, and I think I can remember hearing the cracks. With each crack came a flareup too. This was just near the start until it dies off of course.
Can you already crack a whip?

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Posted:yes. have a look at


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Posted:Puk cracks firewhips in a cowboy hat on stilts!

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Posted:Aww shucks I can't forget that night first time really into it and that was a huge moonfest as well . And the crowd went crazy and i got cuddles that night to

don't forget arshi and there some thread that are in this section

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Posted:I my experience you can crack a fire whip but how easy it is to get a decent audable crack will depend on the thickness of the kevlar rope its made of and the amount of taper there is on it going down to the end. The one I made for myself had three different thickness's of rope making it up, the end two were only a foot or just over, each but made the crack easier.
Having no taper at the end but only the thicker rope to the end makes a proper crack right hard but does seem to meen theres more fuel held in the end to be flung off and fire ball and you get a couple more than with a thin end piece.
Hope this helps.

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Posted:yesterday, i saw 'arizona jones' or 'tim', an international busker, crack a fire whip, to put out the fire, made a fairly loud crack too.

cheers, pete biggrin

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Posted:Just practise without fire first.....make the whip (if you make it yourself of kevlar rope) thinner or taperd about 1 foot on the end...makes it much easier


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