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Posted:Ello all smile

Im still a beginner, and was wondering if there was anyone around the London area that would be willing to teach/help me/spin together?

x weavesmileyx

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Posted:Hello! wave

Are you living in London? There is a meet at Spitalfields market which I think is on Tuesday evenings which has lots of workshops and also on Sundays at Clapham Common, near the bandstand, there is a more social meet up. Are you a student or working? Some of the Unis have juggling societies so maybe try there.

Enjoy spinning!

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Or, if you're outside London, A3-wise, there are meets in Guildford on Thursdays and Sundays biggrin

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Posted:Yeah I live in Orpington which is classed as Greater London?! smile

Are the Clapham Common meets free for anyone to come along?

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Posted:No, unfortunatly the Clapham meeting on Sunday is only for people with one leg. You (presumeably) will want the one on the Saturday.

(Go to Clapham on Sundays! biggrin )


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Posted:talking of clappham i might turn up this week, if not then next week, or maybe the week after but i dont know money is tight damned uni costing sooo much

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Posted:Hi also just starting out with poi what time is the Clapham Common meet cos its just round the corner from me...how freakishly fatefull!!!!!


Posted:hi there,
my name is Eimhin and i#m looking for someone to go for a twirl and a juggle with tommorrow and a place to crash would be lovely. I'm one of the Irish possie and perhaps we've met at the uber-meetings or maybe at the bjc, anways I'm nice and I believe on the whole most people are too so hope to see someone soon ubbrollsmile




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Posted:Hey i was just wondering if anyone of you spin around or near The Natural History Museum, South Kensington. I dont know London. But im off on a Geology Trip there and we have about 3 hrs to do what we want. I was thinking if there was anyone out Monday night, tomorrow. Then maybe i could come along?

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