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Posted:a friend of mine, who is incredible with a pair of nunchucks as well as a staff, brought to my attention today of the possibility of a live fight scene with fire.... in a performance sense. such as poi versus a staff. not choreographed, but definately not something you would do drunk. but it would take partner work to a whole new level. like doing a wrap with the poi around the staff to change direction. jumping over a low sweep with a staff then retaliating to make the staffer dodge a couple shots... it could be cool. what do you think?

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Posted:I think I've seen this in videos somewhere.

Have a browse through the video forum and the gallery. It may bring up something smile

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Posted:I think it would be quite difficult not choreographed.

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Posted:suprisingly its not actually that hard if you're used to performing with someone but you have to maintain constant focus and trust the other person implicitly.

it also helps if you have a rough idea of what your going to do first,so rather than properly choreograph it perhaps work out a rough sequence of moves??

also make sure you never do any advancing move on the other person unless they can see it coming,as they could turn around at just the wrong moment.

a nice way to practise is to have friendly sparring first,ie;telling the person exactly what you plan to do just before you do it.

but yeah,lots of people have done it before so check out vids section!


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Posted:If you just want a fight with fire, fireswords usually are very impressive for the audience...

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Posted:*thinking of Lau gar kwan doy dar with fire staffs instead of normal ones...*

that's YOUR opinion...

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Posted:I'll post some vids as soon as we get them sorted and edited!

We've got some stuff going combining the rope dart, staff and sword.

Regards hug

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Posted:the choreographed fight routines that i've seen are some of the best firespinning routines i've seen full stop.

in my experience, improvised fights always look more fun for the performers than they do for the audience.

cole. x

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Posted:That's because it IS more fun for us Cole... come on! biggrin

For performance purposes, you aren't going to beat correographed stuff in terms of audience appeal, but it really doesn't take a whole lot to correograph a fight scene if you both have practice fighting each other. For instance, just going over some basic block / attack combos that you can pull off in a row would be sufficient I think. Then you would just have to be able to recognize the beginning of a combo and kick in the right correographed response sequence.

But just going at it is funner because its actually a game then. Who can hit who first (we may be a bit masochistic in our fire play here biggrin ).

Poi vs. staff and poi vs. poi can be fun (something I've been wanting to try is learning to block by air wrapping your opponent...) staff vs. staff, of course, rope dart vs. staff can be quite fun too.

And firewords have other uses (think fire baseball!). People won't spar with me anymore though with the fire swords... I tend to hit hands... which reminds me, practice not hitting each other in the hand. smile


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Posted:Oh. And 'chucks hurt really bad...


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