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Posted:right after too much hassle trying to sort the size etc for this vid, its now finished bounce

the vid is low quality and has bad filming in it but the whole point of it is that it shows my last years experience with hop. its been a year now, and ive collected a lot of pics and video clips from the manchester meets, falmouth 3+4, play festival and BJC.

i tried put include as much as possible so i know its a bit crammed, plus had far too many pics but hey, im not getting graded on it tongue

i hope you guys enjpy it, and a big thankyou to you all for an amazing summer hug

until next year smile

'A Year Of Spinny Goodness' (27.66Mb) approx 13mins long

now got this link too A Year OF Spinny Goodness - thanx so much orbit!

oh and if anyone has a permanent solution for keeping this online please lemme know smile

and if anyone wants a copy of any of the pucs or vids just lemme know.

also theres a coupla side shots that i couldnt rotate lol

i did try and lighten up a few shots too cause lighting was crap but yeah....

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Posted:Written by: =Flashpoint=

Wow. Love it. Make More. hug

ditto !

I was at many at the events which you were and your video brought back so many happy memories. Thank you so much for taking the time to record, compile and share that hug

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