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Posted:Just found a bottle of ROLF (Reduced Odour Liquid Fuel) in the storeroom at my pub.

After doing an internet search I found a supplier online, they also sell a fuel called Paraffin Extra which is supposed to be a newer odourless fuel.
Has anyone had experience of using these fuels? I took a small mouthful of the ROLF and used it to breathe, tastes alright and smells a hell of a lot less compared to paraffin. It also ignites in exactly the same fashion.

Is this the new fuel that means that I can actually go to a gig or festival firebreathing and still have a chance of getting a snog?!?!

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we're gonna phone them and get some, see what we can do. seems ideal for indoor performance...?


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Posted:I think I read somewhere before that it's odourless because it's had other additives included in it to make it stop smelling? I dunno what the additives are but I wouldn't risk breathing with it till you can find out if the additives themselves are harmful?

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Posted:Yeah, pure parafin smells, so if it doesn't smell it's because they've put something in it. I read in Michal Kahn's 'Poi Spinning' book that generally if fuels seem nicer they're a lot nastier. Pure parafin isn't too harmfull but it stinks, whereas the odourless stuff smells less but has seriously nasty additives. You only have to hold a couple of shots of alcohol in your mouth for a while to feel how much you absorb liquids in your mouth, so I'd definately make sure you know exactly what's in it.

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Posted:Hi Guys,

Hoping I can resurrect this thread! I've been doing some research on fire-breathing fuel and I came across the Caldo Pre-Pac Paraffin Extra product.

I was watching a tutorial on YouTube:

Here the performer refers to "Soft Light Liquid [Paraffin] Wax" 99% pure, odorless and tasteless. I looked it up and found that it is an American brand (obviously) and as a result, not available in the UK.
So I dug deeper to find a comparable brand available in the UK, and came across the Caldo brand. They make a standard paraffin:
But there was relatively little information as to the purety and flash point, then I noticed the "Paraffin Extra":
I thought 'Bingo!' this looks like the right product.

Quote: "This is a specially modified Kerosene that significantly improves burning characteristics with virtually no odour or taint. A typical Sulphur content below 5 parts per million and extremely low aromatic content makes PARAFFIN EXTRA user friendly and sympathetic to the environment. PARAFFIN EXTRA has a minimum Flashpoint of 70C, making it safer to use than traditional Paraffin."

But before I bought it to test, I figured it'd be best to check with the HoP community to see if anyone had any experience with the product, and that's where I found this thread.

Now, I know that you guys have discussed additives making the fuel odorless and that being a bad thing, so I researched further as I was a little dissapointed to find out that I might be on the wrong track.

I thought, 'pure paraffin = less additives' and all the pure (or close to pure) paraffins I have looked at claim that they are relatively odorless. So that made me think, 'what is paraffin like in it's pure state? SHOULD it have an odour?'.

That's where I found this:
And I quote: "The paraffins are biologically neutral, tasteless, odourless, and colourless".

So, I figure that odorless, tasteless paraffin is actually the opposite, it has LESS additives as paraffin in it's natural state is odorless, therefore the additives are what make it smell and smoke more......, what do you guys think? Without getting my hands on a medical grade paraffin that has even less than 1% additives, is this the best fuel available?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Posted:Is this post still alive?