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Location: Norwich, UK

Hey, I've just moved to Norwich and am living on campus at UEA. There is a juggling/circusy society here but I was also looking to meet up with other non-uni locals. Broaden my horizons a bit, ya know...

Let me know if you're a local and maybe we can sort out a little meet, there is tons of space at the uni...

Also, for any UEA students that might be reading this I'm in Nelson Court number 25. Just ask for Jak wink

SymBRONZE Member
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Location: Diss, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Hey Jak!

I'm in Diss (South Norfolk) but I go to the Norwich juggling club often. It's on Monday nights at Bignold middle school from 6.

You should do a search before posting in future though, we've talked about this quite a few times.

I think a Mod should delete this for those reasons...


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Psycho_lemmingSILVER Member
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i've met you wink

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117 posts
Location: Norwich, UK

I'd love to do go to the meet at Bignold but i'm busy every monday... The campus club will have to do, for now. wink

alien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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wavehello pm me if you ever fancy seeing the sights of norwich.....and maybe some of the clubs

Theo_SILVER Member
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Location: Norwich Norfolk, United Kingdom

i'm at the forum in norwich most saturdays, sometimes i have my poi with me, so if your guna be there... could meet up and do some spinning. have you checked out ali bongos yet? they got loads of poi stuff there, if you go down past tesco metro and keep going its on your left. they got allsorts in there, like fire poi and staff, its pretty cool.

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