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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I recently tried walking over a 2M pit of burning coals about 60cm wide and 15cm thick with only about 15 tiny red unblistered spots under 3mm diameter per foot after between 20 and 30 walks. I decided to pack the coals down extra hard and dense like a gravel path on the expectation that for a fixed size of fire pit a higher density of coals would have less oxygen per coal, and their surfaces would be cooler to walk on. I also avoided the edges of the pit as they are hotter and the thinner depth there results in coals crushing underfoot and thus transfering enough heat to cause burns.

The firm pit also made walking easier than on loose coals as feet sink easily into uncompacted charcoal.

I went to great lengths to keep out stones or nails, etc as contact guarrantees a severe burn instantly.

The air temperature was about 13 degrees and the ground and thus my feet were slightly damp.

The walk itself was done briskly and care was taken to put ones feet evenly and gently onto the coals. Any attempt to "test" the coals by touching them with a hand resulted in a second degree burn at least 3mm diameter. Only a fearless walk results in a potential safe passage , and stopping or hesetating would have guarranteed a badly burned foot, and I also suspect running is a very bad idea.

Please note I am not endorsing or recommending coal walking and imply no reason to consider it safe as I have heard the burn rate can exceed 50% over a 4M pit , per walk of that pit.

If you have any other technical advice on this fire art, please post it here for all to see, including any good websites or reports of sucsessfull or unsuccessfull (burns resulted) attempts.

Thanks for your advice, and remember I did not tell you to try it for yourself.

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i did a fire walk a few nights ago but was inside having a motivational talk while they were setting it up. it was a profesional group doing the fund raising stunt.

they patted the center down alot befor each walk jsut like u described doing urself so im not sure how u could make urs safer but it is possible to be 100% safe (15 of us walked for the first time and no one got even slight burns)

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i did one about a year ago, again after a motivational talk, seems like the only way to do it is to really psyche yourself up. oh and 'wet grass' is a good mantra to have while you walk towards it. smile

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sounds like fun but I think I'll wait till there are some profesionals around before I give it a go smile

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