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Forums > Beginner Poi Moves > My first FIRE-Twirl EVER accomplished!!!!

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Posted:Tonight, swedish time, I did my first fire twirl with my new fire-poi!

I only did some easy weave stuff and butterfly things.. I didn't want to put myself on fire in my excitement!

Cheers to all, and thanks for the help I've been told here when I have had trouble with some move!


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Posted:Where's the vid? weavesmiley
Congrats.. sounds like a blast.

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Unfortunately my brother had the DW-cam so I couldn't record :P


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Posted:Did you at least get photos? Post pictures!!

Congrats, my friend.


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Posted:congrats! you should be lucky you had the burn before vinter... i had my first burn ever i november last year, and everything is soo much easier when there is no snow and it's not freezing cold! (only reason to hate sweden is that you can't spin outside half the year)

maby we could play together some day?

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Posted:hey i have no problems with spinning fire in the middle of winter...ok so that was a lye.
its so damn hard to get the wicks to burn in -10 degrees celsius.
but i do it nonetheless, cause its fun, and i like it, and with firesnakes you get warm nonetheless.
so play play play all winter long my swedish friends:P

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Posted:Good to hear! Happy spinning in the feature! ... And WHERE are those pictures biggrin

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Posted:I got hooked om Poi two months ago and I also just did my very first fire spinning a week ago.. In sweden...

I was going to show off at a party (I was sober...) so I practaced with fire for the first time earlier in the day and it went great. But later that night I was too overconfident and slightly frustated because it was so cold the poi took forever to burn properly. (Sweden again...)

So... during my performance I kept messing up and hitting myself. I have som nice burn marks on my arms and neck (no real harm was done) and a lot more respect for fire spinning and its practitioners.

With that lesson learned I can't wait to do it again.... weavesmiley


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