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Posted:ok so ive been using winmx for the last few years and it has worked amazingly for me. but then yesterday there site shut down and i cant dl files anymore.madmad2angry anyone else use this program? did you notice this?

so now im seein where to go now what are good places to get some music? and id just like have a moment of silence for winmx. i for one enjoyed your generosity immensely and am saddened that you are gone. rest in peace.meditate

ok. so yeah any ideas would be great. thanks all.thankx


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Posted:I use limewire this is far more user friendly if you ask me. And has a much better interface, you can either buy the premium version or download direct the general version, I dont know what you get with the premium but the general works wonders! You can check it out at www.limewire.com
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Posted:use shareaza get it from download.com, its pretty good but more importantly it has no adware or spyware in the programme.

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