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I'm fire twirling at a festival called Blackstump Music Festival very soon with three other spinners from Brisbane and Melbourne. Some other twirlers have had to pull out and we are looking to bulk up our funky fire posse for three nights performing at this festival over the october long weekend.

If you are comfortable twirling as a performance with any and all of your own toys, if you like to chill out camping and listening to music, if you are fun and bright come jump on board.

None of us are paid for this gig, but we have free entry and all our fuel will be covered. Its a camp out festival, so if you have tent and camping equipment great! Otherwise we can work something out.

so, contact me

Josh Mawer in Sydney

and we can then chat over the fone. I would like to hang out and we can fire play next week and check out each other's styles. Our posse is meeting at the festival so no pre rehearsals possible. it will be a little hectic :-)

note: this is a christian festival, but pretty easygoing all the same. I'm not a christian, some of our twirlers are, some not. I dont mind what tradition or belief system you dig, as long as you accept the festival goer's faith.

so go, mail me!


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