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I just got a new digital camera - a canon powershot A510.. Just thought id tell everyone to rush out and buy one. Its amazing this little thing..the pics are crystal clear, and the exposure can be set manually to up to 15secs, making it ideal for photographing fire. You can set it to take shots continuously every few seconds too, even on the self timer, should you have no-one around willing to play photographer..

Highly recommended... biggrin

heres one i made earlier...

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Agree... canons are pretty good altho long shots like that you need a tripod for... ive got the canon powershot pro1. xxx

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and i've got a powershot g6 smile
these little camreas do indeed rock.

slr users may look down on us but i like being in the the canon compact gang biggrin


cole. x

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I'm using an EOS 350D, with complete bulb I can take photos back to back (up to 14 in a row at 8 meg)

If you wanna see what it's like with fire;

(the fire ones are towards the end)

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*wanders off looking for more moving lights to take pics of*

Tomorrows World isnt on anymore...Does that mean its tomorrow now?

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