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Posted:Wow! I heard today that my film 'Isaac' which some of you have seen has been nominated for an award, its up for 'Best Fictional Film' for the Royal Television Society's Awards, its us against 4 other films, Its a black tie event and its at the Birmingham NIC or something, which is on the 8th October, so even though i was missing the Nottingham meet for going to Lancashire cos now ive had to cancel that, I wouldnt be able to go anyway

Wow, im now worried though people will think its rubbish, but everyone keeps saying that its gotta be good if its been nominated, but this is the only time we've been competing with other people, oh well we'll see wont we

On another note, I apologise if I've been really bad at correspondance and if ive been blunt with people etc, lately due to going back to uni I havent had much time for anything so I havent been giving my lovely friends the time they deserve, ive almost finished sorting myself out up here then i'll be back regularly smile wishing you all the best

So yeh up for an award, not bad for a first year, scary as hell though, i'll let you guys know how it goes, maybe it'll be on some eroneous sky channel

Have fun for whoevers going to the BJC, i wish i was

hug hug


Thanks to noodles here is the link to the downlaod for anyone wishing to see it here

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Posted:I seed it too now, its very well done thats for sure. the super hero at the end of the creds was pure genious lol

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