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Posted:...but I can't really figure out how.

Similar to the "french military victorys" Google joke only... well... it looks real umm

Go to Google, type "failure" and hit "I Feel Lucky"


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Posted:I think that's something to do with how google sorts it relevance things. I think it looks at how many sites contain a word (eg, failure), and what sites they link to. so, if lots of blogs and stuff repeatedly call bush a failure, and link to his site, then that will come right at the top of the list, or something.

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Posted:Yeah, I knew about this a couple of months ago... still amuses me... biggrin

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Posted:ha ha.. this rocks!

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Posted:Hahaha, nice.

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Posted:That's worked since shortly after he was elected the first time. I'd heard it "miserable failure"


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Posted:te he he.........GREAT!! biggrin ubblol

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Posted:Awesome! biggrin


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