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Posted:Is anyone else disturbed by this trend that has emerged for dressing small children in clothes bearing suggestive messages? A tour around the kid's section in any store will turn up t-shirts reading "So many boys, so little time..." or "I'm wild, tame me." I have even seen ones with "4 Play" and the ilk, coming in sizes designed for five year olds.

The implications are probably beyond all but the most precocious child, but really, do the parents think it's cute to have this kind of stuff on their child?

Some shoe shops sell platform and heeled shoes for tiny feet, I've seen butt floss/g-strings/thongs (not the foot sort, Australians note) for ages 7-10. Make-up now comes endorsed by pre-teen idols to sell it to children.

Whether it's by what they see on TV and their pester-power, or sadly misguided adults, it seems that the age when a child becomes something else is becoming younger and younger.

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Posted:my dissertation at uni was the contradictory approach of the media towards paedophilia

on the one hand u have tabloids going mental about paedophiles, it got so mental that in wales a paediatrcians house was attacked cos they thought she was a paedophile, luckily her and her family were out that night

then u look at the magazine that are aimed at young girls, there are magazine for girls 10/11/12 that talks about sex, and makeup and the rest of it, its pretty disturbing. u have the beauty pageant things for really young girls, where in america there has even been cases of some of these girls gettin plastic surgery.

i saw the adverts for the kids ballroom dancing on tv, and the way the girls looked really scared me.

tbh i really dont know how i wud deal with these issues if it was my daughter, luckily im not a parent yet and havent had to deal with this

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