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Posted:I upgraded my website hosting from 1000 mb disc space to a business package as it has 5000mb as I'm planning lots of video to be uploaded to it.
I changed from lycos to bravenet a while ago as the lycos wont take my debit card, (Halifax/Bank of Scotland changed from solo debit cards to visa electron)
My hosting is now with bravenet and my domain is still registered with lycos. My problem?
Bravenet are needing me to change my domain name servers (which are over on lycos) as I've upgraded but I cant as lycos have now locked my account!
So I've just bought a new domain name and now I'm waiting for it to kick in.
Bloody technology!!! AAAARRRRGH! frown frown frown

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Posted:Even if you have switched hosting from Lycos to another provider - you should still be able to login to the domain management features of Lycos. Their domain registry *must* remain seperate from their hosting - otherwise they would never get ICANN certification. Check (or for what you would need to do - and if all else fails, you can always register a complaint. Good luck against the big bad.

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Posted:have fun tam *huggles* hug

im so glad ive never bothered to host my own site :P



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