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Posted:Hi! I want to get started in this incredible art... i already bought a book, but i cannot seem to find a place where they sell poi... i live in Den Haag, if anyobody could help me i would apreciate it very much.... biggrin

Si fui capaz de llegar hasta aqui soy capaz de seguir adelante


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Posted:Hi, A Dutchie talking here.
Holland hsa an very lively poi-scene.
But you have to look at this thread, here we speak of meetings and stuff and Den Haag is very alive with spinners. Contact Telpeva Isil or Mickey_D, they are there.
Hiope to see you,

Hmm, there's gotta be something round and shiny, I can play with


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Posted:Don't buy poi for beginners learning. Just find two pair of long tube socks, roll up one pair into balls and stuff them into the other pair. Viola, practice poi. You can also use one pair of tube socks and beans if you need more weight.

Wish I lived in Holland.

Definition of poi- A Hawaiian food made from the tuber of the taro that is cooked, pounded to a paste, and fermented.

Ahnold discussing poi - "It is naht a toober!"

Devil - D
Devil - D

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Posted:I don't know they sell poi in Den-Haag, But i'm sure they sell poi in Amsterdam. I always go to the juggle store (for my devilsticks). They sell poi as well. As from central station, walk to De Dam, walk further to the next square. go left over the bridge, 2nd way right over the next bridge. There you will find that store, next to a smartshop. Succes!


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Posted:Joe's vliegerwinkel in Amsterdam also sells poi, and there is another shop in the same street (not so far away when you walk from te the shop to de Dam on the right hand side)that sells poi's as well

The juggle store has great poi, it was closed when I got there, but my poi's come from it and I love them:D

I know there is also a shop in Leiden which sells poi's but I don't know where, but I could ask if you want to know. Or maybe someone else here knows.

@Suibom: why do you want to live in holland *just curious*