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Member Since: 15th Feb 2002
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Posted:I would just like to spend a few slient moments with you all in thanks for the many young men that lost their lives in an effort to keep the world as I know it free, as free as it can be.

They do not know who I am and they lost their lives many many years before I was born - but they sacrificed everthing for me.

I refuse to forget your plight, nor will I let my children or my childrens children..

I stand in your honour.. and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

[ 12. November 2002, 03:56: Message edited by: MisStix ]

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..

Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
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Posted:that is beautiful
*stands beside MisStix in silent tribute


The Ministry of Manipulation
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Posted:oh I
good one.
about 3 minutes to go here.

least we forget.



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Posted:takes off hat

-Such a price the gods exact for song: to become what we sing
-Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.
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Liquid Cow
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Posted:I managed to miss 11.00 today because I got caught up in what I was doing and didn't realise the time.
I had my own silence at 11 minutes past though.

[ 12. November 2002, 00:29: Message edited by: TheBovrilMonkey ]

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.


*shiny shiny*
Location: Townsville, QLD, Aust.
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Posted:Lest We Forget!!!

May all those brave souls rest in their heavens in peace for all eternity.

And wherever you've gone and wherever we might go. It don't seem fair. Today just disappeared.

fluffy napalm fairy
fluffy napalm fairy

Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:I have never heard my college silent.
It was so respectful
I'm all contemplative now
Just as it should be.

Geologists do it in the dirt................ spank


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Posted:I think the more of us that hold this day deeply in our hearts will make it more and more difficult to allow this to ever happen again.

Such loss of life and human suffering at the hands of so few should never ever be allowed to occupy energy on this planet.

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..

Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

HOP Mad Doctor
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Posted:Ray, Pozee, Spanky...you are their legacy.

Thank you!

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-Mike )'(
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dulce flames
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Posted:thank you...

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Posted:Did you know they prolonged ww1 by waiting for the 11th hour of the 11th day to sign the treaty? It was some of the hardest fighting in the war to because everyone wanted to grab a little extra land incase it would mean they get to keep it when the treaty was signed.

ww1 wasn't a war for freedome or anything else. It was a disgusting loss of life for no reason at all.