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Okay...I have to say this.

I am sooooooooooooo sick and tired of people saying "Men suck!" or "Women are aweful."

I'm sorry. It is a lame-ass statement that is a scapegoat for our reluctance to take responsibility for our own personal choices.

I have a few friends who use this as thier mantra. Two in particular are pretty much convincing a girl who was happily married that she is not any longer...and that is wrong.

One is a guy who will sit and look into my very girlie face and tell me how horrible women are and then whine about how he's still single. I wonder why. rolleyes

I've been beaten, very badly, by someone I loved very much. It wasn't his fault. I was the idiot for staying.
I've been told that "I'd be missed if I got fat." That I am "Fat, ugly and stupid."... all by men.
And you know what? Hating men got me nowhere but even more miserable with poor choices in mates.
I stayed.
I listened.
I believed.
I was the problem, not them. They were being themselves and who they were is not okay for my life. When I learned that I changed.

But being bitter and complaining about it all the time doesn't help and it sure doesn't help attract those who are loving, caring, intelligent, witty and wonderful into our lives...if anything that kind of loathing chases them right away, and they *should* run from anyone with an attitude like that. Hell, I wouldn't be with a man who thought women were all evil bitca's cause it wouldn't be worth my time to fight that mentality.

Awesome men and incredible women do exsist, and are single, and are as straight/gay as we want them to be.
But first we have to take responsibility for our own choices, quit complaining about what didn't work, learn and move on.

And worse, these people who complain incessently about it (why can't they just vent once and be done with it?) seem to bring down others around them. Wow. What a great friend a person is if s/he can't even let those around him/her be happy.

So the end it is a matter of stopping the stupid blame game. It wouldn't be his/her fault if s/he didn't have someone around who let them be horrible to. Nope. Shut up, move on and let other people be happy.
Not all men or women are evil, and continuously saying they are only makes a person sound like a disgruntled and bitter fool.

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Written by: Doc Lightning

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i can't believe you got away with that for so many posts!
spanknaughty doc!

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I'm quite glad I'm still too young to know anybody that jaded about the opposite sex. I know a wide variety of terrible and wonderful people of both sexes. I scarcely see a difference, at least in personalities.


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Kyrian: No worries, anytime you mess up big time, I'll be right here to point out just how bad it was, and how many people were watching wink

(And I promise you can do the same to me biggrin )

Yeah, snapping at the wrong person (like your head of year) can really ruin your day... That's why I stay at home...

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Oh great, and you're going to see me dancing at clubs when i'm drunk. This can't end well......

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