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Posted:Hello I have recently started using poi and I want to buy a pair now. I want to buy the set with soft poi with the DVD. But my question is can you remove the softballs and buy the led-lightedballs and stick to the chain so i can swap between soft and ledballs..

Thanks for answers

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Miss Whippy
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Posted:socks! use socks!

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you question would be best answered by the HoP shop rather than asking people on the Forum
You can ask them here


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Posted:Written by: Beth

socks! use socks!

Best advice you could get really...everyone's gotta have a set really tongue
Best learning poi i ever made...pair of girls' knee socks from the market and juggling balls for about 5 total...socks were colourful too!


But if you wanna go with the fluffy poi: ditto

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Posted:Thanks for the replies, have emailed the support..



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