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Posted:First clonaklity juggling convention. Consisting of 28th 29th 30th september. Will have fire , renegade and games going on. Lots of juggling madness. Will get a venue for after renegade. Sports hall for 2 days. Its me (darragh) ,ronan and eibhin who will do the organising. Camping will be avalaible, which will come with the ticket. Prob around 15 euro, not 100% yet. Ill post more updates as the days go on and were more organised.

SPREAD THE WORD! I expect around 100people, oh and also its 7euro for bus from dublin to cork, around 10ish for a cork clon return.

Give me some feedback


P.S can i get some sort of list of whos interested so i can get numbers sorted.

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Posted:Uops small mix up its the 30th sept till 2 oct
fri sat sun



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Posted:Hey there Im thinkin on goin with a mate but im not fully sure...low on funds, but im sure im gonna sort something out. I really wanna go! This will be the first juggling/fire thingmaybob that I'll go to! WUHOO! juggle


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Posted:Oh thats cool. Atraid I can't make it but good luck. Great to see things going on down in Cork!!




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Posted:Not able to make it : () it Sucks : (

Have the greatest of times though : )

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Posted:The Clonakilty Juggling Convention seems to be well on its way.
here's some info:

a few miles from Clonakilty, buses are organised to take people to and from the campsite. Camping is included in the convention ticket, but the bus will cost around1.50/2 a trip.
-hot showers
-self catering kitchen
-games room with pool
its seems that the place is gonna be for ourselves, and shall be where the fire show,friday, and after renegade party, saturday, so it is up to us to try and make it a nice comfortable place to chill out. At the moment there are idea's for a fire spinning/juggling area, possibility of a bedouin tent (fingers crossed).
If anyoneare up for coming early friday to set up camp it would be much appreciated, and also if anyone has large tents or other assorted things that would help the site please bring them

Juggling space:
A sports hall has been booked in Clonakilty, huge hall, really high ceilings, stage and curtains at one end where the renegade will take place. A juggling equipment stall, cafe with food and drinks for hungry object manipulators, perhaps jewelery stall and whatever else turns up...
We want to create a chillout area next to the cafe where people can take a break and relax, so please bring cushions, beanbags, rugs, anything comfy!
Hoping to get workshops in as many things as possible, and expecting quite a few beginners to turn up so people to do basic workshops are needed. So far there's word of advanced poi, staff and diabolo workshops, site swap and shower workshops, an alexander technique workshop and a mysterious paper spinning workshop! Tai Chi and bellydance workshops may be added if there is interest?
Once again its up to the conventioneers to make the convention a good one so if you have an idea for a workshop don't hesitate to write it up!
Saturday night renegade show in the hall, currently still looking for a compare so we're accepting applications...

Sunday: workshops 12 to 4 followed by games til 6.

15 for the weekend including camping / 10 for one day

Clonakilty is around an hour west of cork, think it costs 11.50 return. anyone lucky enough to be coming from dublin its only 12 return, with bus eireann and aircoach(comfy seats!)

Hope to see as many of ye as possible! It has the potential for a lovely weekend smile

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Sign me up for the bellydancing workshop wink

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Posted:"paper spinning"

Lol, sounds like Rizla to me biggrin

Have fun lads x

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