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Posted:Hey all,

Is there anyone auditioning for NICA in 2006. I am going to audtion for 2007 and wanted to see some pieces to give me a few ideas. If there is anyone auditioning can you please pm me.

to all people who dont know what NICA is: National Institute of Cirus Arts in Melbourne.

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Posted:i went to the NICA show - there were acro balancing, juggling trapeze and clowning acts.
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Posted:Apparently NICA have, or are in the process of changing their lineup to be far more Acro based, and much less Manipulation based. I heard they're even making all 1st & 2nd year students re-audition in acro to keep their places! :o
So might be worth double checking what their entry requirement thingemies currently are.. that, and Good Luck dude!! : )

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Posted:hey Jai.
I have a very good friend who is currently in NICA and its damn damn hard to get into. This guy can poi, spin doubles, staff, juggle balls and clubs in insane combinations, bounce juggle, contact juggle, balance on top of a ladder while juggling, unicycle, and yes he also has talent in the acro area.

He said to me that it was one of the hardest things he ever audtioned for. A good thing to do is to start getting a portfolio together. Start doing busking preformances, roving performances, getting paid gigs and get publicity.

Up your skills as much as you possibly are able to.Learn everything that you can from everyone that you can. MAke connections within the twirling community, get to know people and most importantly HAVE FUN!! biggrin

Matty would be very good to learn poi off as he is quite advanced.
hope this helps matey... good luck!

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Posted:There's a guy on here called Joshay who's in NICA, maybe give him a PM?



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I'm a NICA student biggrin
If you're a juggler then NICA is a bitch. We only get a good coach for a few months of the year, we only have two hours a day to practice AND we have the added pressure of having to train acrobatics.
Don't get me wrong, i'm an acrobat and have been for quite some time but i still have to deal with those shitty calls like "Not bad, for a juggler" Or "It's ok, you don't need to be able to do that"
For those of you who know me, you've probably seen me do handstands.
THAT is the only reason i got in, because i was a juggler who just happened to be able to do acrobatics.
If you juggle seven you'll be lucky to get picked over a kid that can juggle a back three ball cascade but happens to be able to do a backflip.
My advice, train acro or train alone.

PS. the best juggler in australia is an amazing person, a really friendly guy and the SHITTIEST juggling coach you could possibly imagine.

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