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I was just wondering really...

I have

2- mums house

63 - Student house (whoops! biggrin )

240 - dads house


ShuBRONZE Member
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Home - 3
Work - 32
Postcode = 3201

Regards hug

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BlayzeSILVER Member
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8103 - home
8103 - fiancee's home (in a different city)

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nearly_all_goneSILVER Member
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24 (current uni), 068 (new uni), 044 (uni training) and at home I don't have a number, I have a name. Everyone thinks that's just me being posh, but the house genuinely doesn't have a number. The numbers on my street skip it.

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Bubbles_SILVER Member
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my house is 27
mums and stepdad - 4
dads - 12 i think
not sure about my other dads confused

lived also in a 10, and a 52, but cant recall the other number, lived in a few actully lol. my halls was 32/1

yeah anyway ubblol

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BlayzeSILVER Member
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 Written by: Blayze

8103 - home
8103 - fiancee's home (in a different city)
crazy! we both live at the same city, which is nice - seeing as how we're married ubblove

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tillymoo 107 posts
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in melbourne all the house numbers i lived in had 2's or multipes of 2's: 42, 72, 24, 4/272, 40

up here (brisbane and nth coast nsw) they're based on 3's:
9 and 93

(the house i grew up in was on a wierdly numbered street - the house across from was us was number 12, but it was the only even numbered house on that side - all the other houses actually faced onto the paralell street so didn't count. even stranger - we were number 9, on one side was number 7, and on the other side was number 13... i think someone got confused about which number was unlucky and skipped 11 instead)

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crowley2BRONZE Member
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just rolls of the tounge nice and easy

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Not quite sure why you are doing this Mister Jonny UCOF but i cant say no....


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nothing special
just a number
But i like it smile

faith enfireBRONZE Member
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37, isn't that special?

nope? Thought so biggrin

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85! biggrin biggrin

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The one with the purple door.


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nonenonenoneSILVER Member
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Uni is 14, But home doesnt have one, just a name, 'The Ford House'

PerrafordeBRONZE Member
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Ohh i like your house name Vik!

Mines Viewfield house, its a combination of work and home (i do live in work in a hotel)

But at the moment it is 40/400 as im at my sisters in Surfers Paradise.

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Stained_WhisperGOLD Member
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its been 19 all my life ... weird actually smile

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ZenoophSILVER Member
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140 is the only one I can remember...I think

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blu_valleySILVER Member
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118, but only for another three days

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