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Posted:I made this post a few days back on a different forum and thought I might share it with you all. I still can not go home probably for weeks.

I did bring my Poi pratice set but lost the CD in the water with everything else in my home.

Here it is:

Hello to all,

I am just sitting here late at night at a family members house 3 hours west of New Orleans. My home is under 12 feet of water as I type this. I live in a suburb called St Bernard which is East of New Orleans so basically the eye passed over my town.

I managed to evacuate with some belongings but never expecting this therefore I did not bring everything I should have. It is one of those things you reflect back and regret. My family is safe and all of my friends are too which is the most important thing.

The people here in the area have been amazingly helpful and kind. I have tons of clothing and some help from my job to get me by for a bit. FEMA and the Red Cross are impossible to call and have no prescence anywhere to be seen around me. I will try and find one tomorrow and hopefully get the ball rolling with that.

I have mixed feelings on whats going on with a lot of the shock value still going on in my head. I am very very disappointed and ashamed of the way the people are acting in the city. I can understand survival and taking some food and water but TV's and things like that is absurd. Gun fights is unaccptable. We need some military force with deadly enforcement to stop it. I am also diappointed in the prescence of the military and their efforts in the region. The storm was known to be making landfall and causing catastrophic damage even if they could not pinpoint the exact path. I was in the military so I am not bashing the military because I fully support them but I guess I am upset with the decision makers. I hate talking politics but this is out of hand and I have to speak my mind.

I am watching the news and seeing people trying to help from other areas. Good volunteers reaching out and to see these animals shooting and tearing up anything they can pisses me off. Thats the mentality a lot of them were raised with and no matter where u bring them the trouble will follow. I heard that Baton Rouge as well as Houston is now having trouble. The Wal-Mart around me now has looters.

I don't know. It is a combination of the lack of respect as well as the lack of help we are being given causing this chaos. The rescue and help being provided is moving too slow.

Funny how the US can drop food and water in Iraq immediately and take their sweet time with our own people. Makes me wonder if we really have enough troops stateside to do the job.

Anyways, I'll get off my soap box and try and just go with the flow. It is what it is.

I just cant wait to get back home even if it is devastated. I miss it.



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Posted:I don't even know what to say except... I'm so glad you're OK. hug
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-Mike )'(
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Posted:Thank you for telling us about what has happened to you and how you are thinking and feeling. It is a wonderful thing to be able to connect with you even by just reading, and you know you have friends all around the world here who will help you any way we can, even if we have never met you.

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Thanks for sharing that.

Take care and I hope you find somewhere where you can feel settled soon


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That's traggic, glad you're safe, though. And stay safe - apparently, this time, it's not just floodwaters you need to worry about.

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