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Posted:Ok, im not entirely sure if its right, so someone correct me if need be.

I was playing with isolating tangles and tried to isolate an airwrap. I got it down ok, but im not completely sure its a proper airwarp because i have to throw the poi over my shoulder in order for them to untangle completely.
I think with all the dodgy arm movements a twist gets in there so does that mean its some kinda of weird hyperloop instead? Coz of the two planes instead of the one? confused

Also has anyone been able to pull off a completely isolated buzzsaw hyperloop (as in going from an isolated weave to an iso. hyperloop and coming out isolated)?
Id love to see one coz im having some trouble figuring out how the poi exit.


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Posted:yes, no, no.

when isolating a b-tangle, the tangle dosnt move, your hands do, so its weird. to get out you have to move your hands faster than the tangle....

if you isolate an airwrap you put an extra half beat on it, cos the tangle dosnt move, you probibly screw the atomic tension too (im making everything up today) cos you take weight off the heads with the isolation, so instead of untagling inside, you have to throw it to the opposite outside (over your shoulder) to get it to untangle.

the real fun starts when you begin to isolate the wrong way from the tangle.

T wave

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Posted:Cool thankees for helping me get my head round that. smile

Isolating the wrong way? eek Like anti spin type of something else?? confused ubbloco
waaa!! im falling deeper into the hole!!


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Posted:isolating a tangle comes in a few different varietes but they all do the same thing.. and that is nothing.. isolating tangles doesnt do anything to the nexus.. so unlike what nx said it doesnt put a half beat on it.. the half beat comes from the position that you -can- have your hands in during the isoaltion.. the twist is from that position alone. not the isolation.. and since you can effectively do the isolation at any position, I wouldnt go attributing the positional qualities to the iso..

isolating the wrong way is no different from isolating the forward way really.. you just run out of momentum faster because of the increased friction.. the backward circles made by the hand are countered by te forward circles made by the poi.. and the nexus doesnt change.. but they differing directions clash a bit inside the nexus where it untangles and tanlges in semicircles..

a with spin iso prevents the nexus from changing..

a normal tangle nexus doesnt change because the lead poi tangles and the follow poi untangles.. so you have a dynamic unchanging nexus..

isolated airwraps can exit anywhere.. they are just inversions.. you should be able to pop it out either sde.. and if you make your iso a little faster or slower you should be able to effectively untangle the strings right theere in the buzzsaw..

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Location: Exeter
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Posted:So, isolating the wrong way is a bit of a fancy trick for techy heads?

I think i nearly got an isolated airwrap to untangle in the same place. My arms sort of tangled instead lol, but in the end it failed.

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