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Posted:Does anyone know anything bout connecting a PC monitor to an Apple Mac computer?

Both parts are really old.... a CTX monitor, and a 6400/200 Performer Macintosh (1999)

We have a 6 switch plug which apparently connects them but the number combinations dont seem to work.... only get a message saying 'out of range'

my parents are about to kill each other over this.....
please help!

hug hug hug

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Posted:You'll need a VGA to DVI converter I think - althogh I'm not sure about a Mac that old.

Look on eBay...

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Posted:You mention the 6 switch plug - I am assuming that it is some kind of 15D Macintosh to 15subD VGA converter, is this correct? Also, what kind of CTX monitor is it, a 14"? You should be able to do a search on Google for the proper switch settings to get it up and running. That CTX will probably not do more than 800x600, so I wouldn't try any settings higher than that. Sticking to a boring old 640x480 will be the most assured of working, and after you get signal, you can try to up the resolution. You can feel free to PM me if you need further assistance.

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