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Posted:Fresh off the press! Have a look and tell us what you think.


Here's another more day lightesque... video

Here's some day stuff in da garden sorry bout the host.... tis free... biggrin

Thanks to the seventh Dragon for his filming editing, input, hospitality and laughs!!!! ubbrollsmile

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Posted:Nice vidjo!

Hehe I recognise that circle you were twirling on from Dragon7's video. Your common twirling spot I presume?


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Posted:Clear your planes,
Clear centers in flowers,

and it will be good,

Horizontal Still are well done smile





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Posted:Dude, nice!!ubbrollsmile Whats the tune?? Know it but just can't place it??? Sweet vid btw cool xx
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Posted:I think you being a bit harsh richee, that was a nice vid, the second part was better, more flowy, and I loved the split time buterfly insides. the planes were fine, yeah not perfect, but it didnt ditract from the visual effect i think.

glad your having fun with the dragon,

T wave

wink for richee

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Posted:Here is the link for the medium quality version... smile

Thanks to bender for the intel on the server wave

You need to scroll down and click "free" and then wait afew seconds before the "download" button appears. It wont accept download managers.

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I didn't notice any shoddy planes particularly - certainly any that spoilt the vid smile


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Posted:Adds another video in first post...

Thanks guys...

Take your point on the planes though I'm happy with mine at the moment. When dancing and feeling it I find there is some compromise, though if I was standing feet together all the time I'd be trying harder...

Centre of flowers I see where you're coming from but that sounds like imposition of rules to me...

thanks again to dragon....

Trippy dude!! smile dunno name tis a LTJ Bukem classic though

I live in a world of infinite possibilities.



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Posted:I finally managed to get Encoder, and I'll get the second one once your server gives it up. smile

I liked it, the planes looked ok to me, and yes, there is always a compromise, that's why I drill my planes, in the hope that when I "do poi" my planes are at least somewhat close to where they should be.

One thing I noticed, and this is where Richee might be coming from is your spinning looked a little "rushed". Like you were trying to do as many moves as you could in a short time and quite possibly were thinking a little too far ahead.

I can say this, because I do the exact same thing and have to remind myself to slow down.



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Posted:i liked both videos. the second one's music was repetive, and when it got to where it was suppost to let the beat drop, and the movie was over. alot of the combos i saw here are very similar to things i have been practicing. good to see other people out having fun.

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