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Posted:yea, we have very sacred rituals before we start spinning. we start out with your average ritualistic animal sacrifice. usually an elephant, but sometimes we can't get one so we use a mealworm instead. then after that, we all slit our wrists and drink our blood until they clot, thats always fun, helps clear your mind. then of course, we do a little warming up, perform a few exorcisms and then a few demon possessions. then we get to the meet of the thing, where we all do our twirling, then at the end we go out and find a virgin sacrifice, and light her on fire. then we dance around her singing "ding dong, the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead"
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joshGod blessp.s. i laugh at the face of satan and all his evil little demons. (well, when im not scared to death of them)

Posted:oops, it appears i hit new topic rather than reply lol. (i am stupid) this was supposed to be a reply to the question about what kind of rituals do ppl perform before doing fire poi.

Posted:somehow its not as funny if you don't read the origional question.so here it is:<a href="http://www.juggling.co.nz/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000501.html" target=_blank>when you fire guys get together</a>

Posted:hmm, i don't seem to be having very good luck today do i? here, lets try again with ubb code when you fire guys get togetherhopefully that worked, if not i just dont care anymore

Posted:IT WORKED !!man, i'm a genius.i'd like to thank my mom, she's proud of me b/c of the way i dress.i hope the humor of my first post hasnt worn off by now


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Posted:Hey redbrother, you make me laugh till my eyes water
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Thankyou its a great gift you have! P.S. my boyf says you're a bloody idiot (and he should no he's great at being 1)

Are we nearly there yet?

Posted:why thank you, its so nice to feel appreciated.

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