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Posted:Not that anyone really cares what I did this weekend, but Im pretty depressed this morning, so Im gonna go ahead and talk about it anyway, maybe it will cheer me up.

Me and a buddy of mine took a little road trip down to a party in DC on saturday. The vibe was great, and I got to see Skylab2000 play I danced for hours and expect to be sore til Wednesday. I met all kinda of great people and even got to teach a few cuties some poi moves.

The highlight was my night was getting to experience the 'drunken asshole phenomena'.
I cant say that he was drunk, but he was f*ucked up to say the least. So, Im on the floor breakin it down w/ my strings, and this guy comes up to me and mumbles something and sticks his hand out... so I stick my hand out thinking he wants to shake my hand. He sticks his hand out farther, a little more pronounced, and I realize he wants my strings. Sure why not, I like to share. So I hand them to him, and he steps into the circle I had just left open... next thing I know, this dood is whipping them all over. he tries to wrap them between his legs and then his shoulders, but instead he slaps his thighs then the middle of his back, over and over... I finally put an end to his display when he smacked some kid behind him minding his own business.
"I think that guy is a little too fucked up" was heard as he stumbled through the crowd.

Oh yeah, some people were spinning and breathing fire there too, but I didnt really get to talk to em. Well, Im out for now. Ciao

I smell something burning.

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