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Posted:Hi All,

I've been playing with poi for a year and a half. I'm not bad, but by would consider myself a novice on this board!! I love my streamer poi, and glowstick poi, and have a set of fire poi that were GREAT fun playing with. Unfortunately they sit in a bag in my closet now as I live in NW3 and they don't take lightly to FIRE on the streets.

My friends think poi is fun but they aren't into it as much as me. Seems usual that when we go to a park, they sit around watching me practice.

I watch the threads for local stuff.. but just wondering if anyone knows of a place/event where there are spinners with music and such. I'm looking for a relaxed environment where I won't feel in competition with people!!

I wish I lived in Australia sometimes, when I went to Thailand's full moon party last year I met sooo many Aussie's who were friendly and willing to share tricks!!

Anyways, I'm rambling right now but the point is, I want to go to more events and meet some spinners.

Any suggestions of regular musical events places to go???

Happy spinning people!



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Posted:I'm pretty sure there's still some regular gatherings goin on. check the international events forum

If you still can't find anything though, start going to some psy-trance parties regularly. There's always a lot of people there who do poi, its just a matter of whether they bring the toys out or not.. Or if they're too high to be understood.


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Posted:Spittalfields....tuesday evenings, 7-10 pm and then drinks in the bar afterwards....its near Liverpool street station (Metropolitan line among others)..goto looksie at the events and gatherings board for a lot more information


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Posted:London's got to be one of the best poi places in there is. Start with Spittalfields on Tuesdays. If it's your thing then a lot of the psy trance parties and squat parties are full of lovely friendly people and a lot of them spin. For party info go to AAA.

"I'm looking for a relaxed environment where I won't feel in competition with people!!"
This is a place within your head, competitions only exist when you enter them. Anyway, London spinners tend to be a pretty relaxed lot, so no worries.




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Posted:Just Jugglers in Brixton as well from 6:30-10:00 on Wednesdays.