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Prepare to laugh your asses off at my latest theory........but don't think by it that I'm in need of a new girlfriend coz you're all far more evil than guys are - lol

Right, having made a monster out of myself yesterday with a friend (or maybe ex-friend now) I felt the need for a minor rant and some advice from other nice fluffy bouncy peeps.

OK, I've devoted a large proportion of my life to being nice (, excludes rants and losses of temper). I don't like not being friendly with everyone and although I wouldn't lose any sleep over it if someone didn't like me, I don't act in an unfriendly way without some provocation EVER.
It's just not at a base level who I am. (Especially having met u guys)

Right:- Here's the dilemma:-
Total wankers end up with sweet, caring, nice, fluffy, cute girls.
Nice guys end up with mates.
Correct me if I iz wrong........

Up until I gave up the shagging around principal 6months ago (OK semi-gave it up), and started with the whole "run round getting hugz whilst hanging round for Miss perfect" ideology. I'd heard "no, can't do that we're mates" as an excuse about once a month since I moved here 2 years ago.
This I feel is the worst excuse I've ever heard....but hey...that's probably a misguided guy thing.
Why would having a mate as a boyfriend be bad?
This leads to.....Theory 2.
Nice guys = boring
Wankers = Exciting/Dangerous

My mate Justins theory is that women aren't happy unless they have a "fixer-upper" that they are under the VERY MISGUIDED view that they can change for the better - Muhahahahaha (99% of the time - It doesn't happen, I'm really sorry)

I have at current count 10 really close "shoulder to cry on" female mates and about 30 who wouldn't ever consider me anything but a mate.
(I think I've more or less fucked it up with every girl I know, so this is all academic at the moment anyway,) but I've asked my girl mates what I'm doing wrong and they reckon I'm "being too nice".....this I was assuming was a blatant attempt at making me feel better but having not acted on it I now feel like I should have.

As things are headed now, I may just be destined to be "classic mate material".....
Which is not the end of the world but at some point, I iz gonna have to fill up the big space in my life that is currently being plugged with hugz and mates.

I have to laugh at the amount of girl "mates" that I have, especially when they only ever go out with idiots that aren't any good for them.

My view up until recently was that I didn't want someone who I didn't get on with on a friendly matey level, but that doesn't appear to be the way most of yous females types think. (I could be wrong, I do it a lot)

I am now destined to be single forever (cue violins/melodrama - ) unless I stop making friends with all the girls I meet, but does this mean I have to start acting like every other guy I know and start screwing women over?
I'm really hoping someone can just turn round and say "no man you've got it all wrong", u need to do this.....
Failing that I'm going to China to be a budddhist monk. - hehehehe

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