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Posted:I turned on my computer this morning and it kept playing up. Programs wouldn't run and it kept telling me there were errors with this and that. Mainly the media player. It told me if I kept having the problems to restart my comp. I did this and when it started up it did all its usual stuff except when it loaded windows I had no cursor and the display settings were at 16 colour and 640 x 480 pix. I've tried to change this back to the settings I had it on and it tells me I must restart my computer to have these settings work. When it restarts its back with the 16 colour 640 x 480 setting. All this takes me forever because I have to guess where the cursor is.

Is there anything I can do or is my puter utterly F****d? HELP

If it is dead where do I get a fairly cheap but good computer from as I don't think I can live without one at the moment. I was hoping to design my creature T-Shirts and get them printed ASAP but without the ability to use a comp with drawing programs on this isn't going to happen.

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Posted:I know a joke about that involving a pirate.



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