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Posted:For all you people in london and especially all you old drome people I

was wondering . Hands up who remembers mindscapes and friends (by the way

it is back on at EQ warehouse, check out here for info.)

Well when the drome closed down mindscapes kinda stopped and nick

mindscapes started up his own underground party magazine called shandri la la .

I was just wondering if anyone had bought it and read it. anyone got any

ideas on what its like and where (appart from accessallareas (camden)

you can get it.


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Posted:Yeah I had one of them, think i've still got it somewhere.
It was a while ago but I got it from the 'psycadelic dream temple' in Camden market.

a good read




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Posted:Magazine is called Shangri la la

Written by Nick with contributions from others.
Given out for free at most ID Spiral parties; can be bought in Camden PsyDMT (Dream Temple) for a pound or two.

It basically consits of a couple of world issue + contiousness (contious parting) articles as well as reviews for artists (interviews too) and CDs party listings, some flyers and lots of international event info.

All in all pretty good...

Much love, Drome