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Posted:This is really simple to do but I can't remember the name for it. You do a hyperloop but pull your hands apart to that the poi heads lock together and they stop rotating before flicking them apart and spinning them again. Its great for getting to butterfly but what is the bit where the heads lock called? I thought it was called a "nexus" but I did a search and was wrong.

I think its some form of wrap or stall but can't find a name for it.

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Posted:That move sounds like something we all used to call "Trevor". which was often shortened to "Trev" for ease of use.



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Posted:the point where the stings come together is a nexus..

the strinsg spinning said manuvar pre-shrunk is an airwrap..

the strings spinning shrunk all the way down is an orbital..

the letting them die momentum-wise is a stall..


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