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torn and bleeding warrior of love
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Posted:Hey, I really want to know something.
First off, i want to know how old everyone is. Then, i wanna know when you started and how long you have been spinning. Tell me what experience level u think u are (make one up)and tell me what you use. I'd really appriciate it. Thanx peeps.

I just had an idea! Tell me everything about you! I wanna get to know everyone, so just tell me everything. Please?

I need to find something witty for this so people like me...

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flash fire
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flash fire

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Posted:Aussie Female
25 years old on 27th November
Sagittarian Fire Snake, Sagittarian Rising

Toy of Choice: 90cm double fire staves

Saw firedancing at a festival in 1996 and knew straight away that I had to be doing that! Bought a broom handle and with much trial and error, figured out how to twirl a long single staff. Lit up for the first time on the roof of my apartment block.

Never knew any other firedancers, apart from the few that I taught until finding HOP in early 2001.

Was prompted to make myself some double staves while living in Canada after seeing a performance. Again with much trial and error, figured stuff out for myself. Same with poi (what I then called chains).

First public performances were with my single long staff every Sunday night at the Fire and Ice Show in Whistler Canada during the 1998 season.

First double staff performance was on the island of Waya in Fiji in the year 2000, where I jammed with the locals in their Meke for the tourists.

Found HOP in jan 2000, formed a troupe, did a bunch of performances then got picky after realising our audiences were being saturated with fire everywhere and as a result, the majik of fire performance was a huge effort to attain. More often than not, the energy we invested into each performance was more than we got back from it, so we just do occasional, mostly fetish, shows now.

Aside from my double staves, I also use my double crosses which I lovingly refer to as my 8-balls.

In summary, I use double staves and have been twirling on and off since 1996... Most intensively for about 5 years.

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flash fire
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flash fire

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Posted:o yeah, about my toys: I purchased my first long staff in my local markets in 1996, but have made every other toy since then, including a few sets of doubles, poi, whips, crosses, palm wicks, finger wicks and several pieces of fire art.

Do transfers, fire eating and fire breathing very rarely and only for performances.

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Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?
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Posted:hmmm... been spinning for..ooh.. 1 year and 8 months. Spin loooooooooorts of poi (mmmmmmm) ... bit of double staves... love playing with fire fans, fire fingers...fire eating.. used to do fire breathing but decided against it.. plus my fuel is too much of a pain to track down..

I think I'm kind of experienced but not really, but kind of but not really. Done lots and lots of performances for lots of events... small ones... and big ones too like Goodwill Games and Indy Carnival and stuff...

If I told you everything about me we'd be here for days. hmmm I have 'pet' magpie who wanders inside my house cleaning bugs off the carpet.. his name's Marvin (Starvin' Marvin) ... and he's got a broken foot. He's a cutey

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Posted:Aussie Female
24 as of next week
Spinning for approx 16 months

First saw spinning: travelling round australia in 2000, saw some poi dances at a backpackers in Arlie Beach.

Toys: self made Poi, chain lengths 1.5 feet and 3.5 feet. Staff, four and a half feet, multi adaptable, removable wicks, add chains and hey presto! Double Flail. Recently started learning Rope Dart (14 feet long rope)

Experience level.... *shrug* Mediocre.

Edit: forgot to mention. Completly self taught from HoP online video lessons.... i HoP!

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Posted:Aussie Female
Spinning for god knows how long, I have no concept of time....

I tend to work out the timeframe this way. In my first year of uni (6 years ago now) I went to a housewarming in Wollongong & saw someone doing staff. I fell in love, knew I had to try it one day, then promptly forgot about it.

In my third year of uni (I think) I saw a guy twirling on my way into uni, I got him to teach me basic figure of eight, I grabbed a broomstick & taught myself staff. I bought a firestaff from In Denial in Glebe, lit up and loved it.

I was entirely self taught up until last year when I went to byron bay for a holiday. I picked up some tricks, as well as taking the time to bruise myself with some poi (& bought myself a practice pair which I love). I also was tolded about HoP whilst I was there, and became an addicted lurker.

Since then I have registered on HoP, become a regular, and started going to gatherings. I have picked up firepoi & become much better with them. I have got doubles, and also a set of clubs. Maybe it was destined to be this way... ( glass.)

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

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Posted:Aussie Female
21 (22 april 7th 2003)

Went to concert and saw 2 girls twirling fire poi mid set of one of my fav bands... and also watched them warm up back stage... bought poi nov last year.. started then but didnt actively get into twirling till a few months back so a year since i got my poi... and full on twirling/learning for 2mths now... still crap at it... lol but getting there slowly

Toys: Poi... fire/practice and glow.. im getting glow poi this week hopefully and making my own practice set with really cool long long tails. Dabbled with staff.. but realised it be best to stick to poi lol... also have flags and some crazy designs in mind for a few toys

Im half asleep thats all i can think of for now

Why do you like to confuse me so?


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Posted:Wow...all females so far...very good odds. Well, i prolly should give out my stats so here it comes...

USA Male
14 years old, been doin poi for about 2 months.
I've gotten pretty good, doin basic moves and even expert ones (mostly ones i made up), but I still need much more training. I'm about to buy my first set of real poi from HOP, hope they work out good. Um...I love spinning...I love techno...I love breaking...I love you all

I need to find something witty for this so people like me...



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Posted:South African, Male living in Sydney, Oz, 28 Years old.

Single Staff/ Stave 2 years and Fire breathing 9 Years.

Staff/stave: Self made 1.75M 4 wicks on each end. aliminium, with solid wood core, filled with Silicone for bounce and flexibility. Towelling handle- non slip you see! Experience level...intermediate.

Fire Brathing: 2 Large torches for breathing- Aliminium with kevlar wrapping- also double up as Clubs...then I use 4 smaller torches with smaller wicks for eating and stuff like that! Experience level- advanced.

First got into fire breathing in Johannesburg in about 1994...a few friends parties and cool trick to entertain trippers...Came to Sydney in 2000 and got into the Olympics opening ceremony firebreathing...made friends with a few others and following Olympics hooked up with FireArtFanatics as informal group for fun, then met up with all kinds of others who do all kinds of other toys. FireArtFanatics now gig whenever whatever- the wedding singers of firearts ( Still gotta do a Barmitzvah!!!)

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19 yrs old

thats the details over!!

I got into twirling cos it seemed the perfect harmony of what I like doing with how i interact with people.
I mean, I love to move and to interact with any music that i hear and to fire dance is just that. At the same time i cant interact with other people too well so to fire dance and just have them go "ohhhhhh ahhhhhhh" is all i need to feel a part of what ever is going on.
I cant tell if i make sense cos i make sense to myself!!!!!!!
I've only been twirling a couple of months but i'm sure that it is something that i will take with me until i'm too old to pick my poi up any more
Twirling fills a wide gap in my life.



Jade Lynx

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Posted:Actually, it is completely mystifying to me that i managed to go all those years without ever encountering firespinning. I have been hanging out my entire life with freaks: Faire folk/theatre people/punkers/death rockers (oh sorry, they call it Goth now, right)/jugglers/etc etc.With me loving fire and loving dancing, you'd think i'da picked this stuff up somewhere...

As it is, i'll be 37 next month (yep, i'm an old bat ), and i started spinning in April. I'm definitely a novice.

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Doc Lightning

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Posted:Guess I'd better fix this post.

I started spinning flags in Feb, 2001. I saw someone doing them at a goa party and I wanted to learn, so I went and made myself a pair and then stood outside and made an ass of myself (using my window as a mirror) until I had basic moves down. At the time, I had never been to HOP, and I had no idea what a weave, corkscrew, or windmill was. In spite of that, I "invented" all three moves and a few others.

Sometime in April of 2001, I was at a rave flagging away when someone handed me some glowsticks on strings and assured me that if I could flag, I could do the glowsticks. Now, I had seen firespinning before, but it had never occurred to me that I could ever learn to spin fire. But as soon as I realized that yes, I could do the glowsticks, I bugged a friend who spun fire about some good resources and I wound up at some strange, obscure, site called "www.juggling.co.nz"

Got some pois and some practice pois and lit up in May of 2001 for the first time. I really didn't have much clue what I was doing. I managed to figure out the 3 beat weave after I lit up for the first time.

Well, the rest is history. From there on, I knew about the wonderful world of firespinning and I knew that I could learn to do most things if I just put enough time into it.

I'm still a flagger and I haven't forgotten my roots. In fact, when I teach people to spin fire, I start by teaching them to flag. My strongest art is probably poi and I love to do fire, and I'm also marginal at staff, but I need a better staff and more time to practice. Also, I can do the glowsticks in the hand raving thing...

I'm trying to figure out what I want my next skill to be, but that might have to wait until I graduate.

Also, I'm 25.

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-Mike )'(
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Posted:ugh. me no 'member

You. Its whats for dinner!

As time passes, you realise all the mistakes you amde and the ones you wish you never did make.

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Posted:Name: Richard B.
(Richee - it realy does Not meen Im rich )
-Czech Republic
- 20( 1.4.1982)
Poi!! - 3 years 2 month, staff(double too)-1 year,meteors-4 month...

Experience level: advanced??



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Liquid Cow
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Posted:Right, I'm 23, a bloke and I live in England.

I've been spinning since September 2001, I taught myself a bit with help from the videos here, then managed to break my wrist in January, which stopped me spinning poi.

I took up staff for a while, spinning with my non-mangled hand, but couldn't do much more than a few basic spins and the odd throw.

When I was given the go ahead to spin poi again in June, I forgot about the staff and started playing with the poi again, then went on the Apex poi classes that are advertised in the Events section here. I learnt a hell of a lot there.

I've only really just started to meet other spinners, which is helping me pick up new stuff no end - I'm starting to spin my staff again too, picking up some contact stuff now, since I find that much easier than normal spinning.

Overall, I'd say my experience level is 6.
I'm not going to say where the scale starts or finishes though I don't really believe in quantifying something like skill.

In my ever expanding collection of toys, I have:
A set of ballchain and cathedral wick poi - bought from here. They're a million times better than my cable and tubecore set I had before.A set of electroglo poi with extra LEDs and paracord instead of cable - bought from here too.A set of tailed poi I bought in reading since I didn't have anything to spin at the festival.A set of rather heavy poi (the end's full of metal nuts). They're a kind of cone shape, the design for which I err... borrowed from glassA set of practise poi the same shape as the heavy ones, just a bit lighter so I don't brain myself trying out new moves.A set of homemade meteors - just monkeyfist knots on either end of a rope, I'm not good enough with it for fire yet.A set of flags - well, kind of. I've got everything to make them sat in a bag at home, I've just never got around to it.A variety of homemade practise poi - tennis balls on string mainly that I never use anymore.
edit - forgot my staffs. I've got a three piece pure flame staff from here, and a single piece 5 foot staff that I made from a chrome plated mild steel tube with a dowelling rod core (it was all I could find)

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26 year old gurlie
Born in Thailand - lives in UK (baahumbug)

I've been spinning for about a year now.. but I been messing about with toys since I was about 11.
I own -

Red and Blue Beard Diabolo

Devil Stix - from South Africa - hand made by street kids - amazing what they can do with a stick of wood and a rubber tyre.

Juggle balls - two sets of
two set of home assembled fire poi (blue ball chains are my fav)

two sets of sock poi (one are black and white strips - look very good under UV I been told)

orange and pink tails with hand painted silk flags attached

Home made glow stick poi - made with fishing trace - just attach glows and voila!

half a set of tennis practise poi - if you find one in the New Forest - please let me know

Short staff (thanks Malcolm!)

Latest toy - AstroJax - still dubious about them - but I think that is down to lack of talent!

Practise broom handle

So that is my little stock pile of toys.. I tend to have a play with all of them weekly -

Compatency level on all? I still only play..
Student of many - master of none..

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I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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Posted:23 year old NZer living in Australia
Bought my comet poi at the beginning of 2000, but just recently got good enough to use fire poi. Yippeeeee




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Posted:20 year old uk male

have been spinning:

quote: NOT LONG ENOUGH (about 3 1/2 years aor so)

Started at guilford festival when I was plink spinning. was totally

mesmorised by spinning and her. started working @ the drome (R.I.P)

and spinning just after the break up of a very long and serious relationship.

was a good way of moving on and doing something new and exciting.

toy of choice: my poi (comet) have been with me everywhere for the

last three years and I still love them. Having done poi in several forms

moved to staff and other fire diciplines such as breathing etc then onto

contact. don't just love the arts but the whole social scene and the

life (so to speak). As for level of ability: I can't say. I spin cause I want

to, it makes me feel good and I love it not because its a competition

to get to a higher grade of skill.

1, 3 piece inner core fire staff (doubles up as 2 fire breathing sticks)
1 small fire staff
several sets of comet poi
several sets of fire poi including some double headed wicks
1 fyrefli skipping rope
a whole assortment of juggling balls including astro balls etc
1 acrylic and lots of other bits and bobs like astro-jax and glowsticks etc
I also make comet poi (if anyone is interested mail me) and fire equipment.
safe guys


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be excellent to each other: safe:


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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:hi, my names jonathan and im an alcoholic (it had to be said really didnt it!) anyway im not...17

ive been spinning for about a year now...after mouseboy introduced poi to me on my schools german exchange

i also do everything except devil sticks...cos there crap....admitedly cos i cant do them..but there crap all the same....ggggrrr

i fire breathe and i enjoy it....cos i am admittedly a pyromaniac and i like fire

ermm...yah....yah blah yakkedy schmackeedy..woo woo



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Posted:24 yrs old, male.
been spinning about a 1 1/2 years.
I spin poi(fire, glow, beaming) and tinker w/ staff...

Im able to smoothy transisition alomst all the moves listed on the site, plus a few of my own, while dancing. I like to think of my self as having both style and tech skills. But at the same time, I have seen mad heads that just put me to shame

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Posted:27, female
Webster, TX
I've been spinning since January of this year. I love to do fire, but I also have the elctro glo poi from here, a set of streetlights, a pair of zuni's (for practice), the ultimate performance poi from here, and some tennis ball poi. I know most of the moves in the lessons section here and do the tranisitions pretty well. I have performed a few times with fire and without, and I am teaching some friends poi.
I started to teach myself staff a month or so ago, and it is starting to come along very well. I'm now doing all of the moves from Woody's staff lessons, and I'm doing some of the moves in the Staff book from this site.

I really want to learn the meteor, and I plan on starting to work with them after I get a bit better with the staff.

Even though I already know quite a bit of poi, I know I there is still plenty to learn, from watching other spinners in Houston.


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the henna lady
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Posted:North American (US), for now..
29, Female

Toys: non-fire: LED poi & staff, Comet poi, "gag" poi, meteor, devil sticks, diabolo, contact juggling balls, flags, bolas, hoops...
fire: poi, staff, jump rope, fans, jacob's ladder, other tools of my own invention too difficult to describe, devil sticks... Close Contact Fire (eating, breathing, trailing)

Prefer poi, devil sticks, contact juggling and (before my accident) fire breathing.

Been at it: close contact fire: well over three years, everything else is a blur.

Skill Level: I have so much to learn, I have to say I think I am a novice, especially in poi ironically.
I would say I am advanced in the contact fire, because if I wasn't, I wouldn't do it.

Been performing: In general but still professionally, 12 years. Fire came in there somewhere in the last few years.

Been on HoP: Forever! Since, I think it was December, 1999.

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I've been spinning since Glastonbury, which would be four months.

Current toys:
Cathedral Wicked Poi (now slightly manky, new wicks soon) Tennis Ball Practise Poi (currently lost) 2 pairs, Mark P tennis ball specials (coming soon) Club for breathing Skipping Rope (very very scary for wraps) I want to get into staff, and get some electroglo stuff. Also want a rope long enough for several people to jump within.
Skill level; have mastered maybe 2/3 the HoP poi lessons. Have just realised things look much more fluid if you quickly transition from move to move after only a couple of beats.

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SmallBoy - x

SmallBoy - x

Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Male/Lesbian born into a guys body - lol /London/22

Been spinning for nearly 7 months
Started spinning nearly 7 months ago
Picked up staff 'bout 2months back

I am of the young and inexperienced level of life and probably the same in toy world.
Don't know ask my friends (london peeps)

Me luvz fiyerrrr.......purrrrr

I have some luvly fire ropes which I made in a fit of retail therapy depression bashing, and they rulez -

Masta Rava Nippa - If u wants to get to know some people read their intros. (u have to read between the weirdness tho)

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big and good and broken
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Posted:i am not a number i am a man! however 23 is the number that i am. i live in harlow, essex but was born, educated and i work and play in dungeon town.

have been spinning for a while - tried it around the end of 2001, went snowboarding for a season and started properly upon my return this april so i'd say about 6 months now.

skill level is 'ahead of myself'. i have friends that are pretty good and hence i have a constant supply of teachers and inspiration this also means i have a silly learning curve where i just skip stuff and think 'i'll work that out later' - eg can do stuff like like butterfly weaves but not easy stuff like reverse butterflies bth.

for me though its all about having fun - i have no intention of ever performing - and working on the same stuff as my friends means i enjoy it more, even if it does take me three times as long to learn! i'll never be bothered about not knowing everything - no-one does (yeah, maybe the two london d's can DO everything. but they don't KNOW everything!).

toys? BLAAACK and silver comets i learnt almost everything i know on excluding isolations and neck wraps for which i used my favourite poi in the world - cath's orange poi
got some fire poi on order for next week (so i can stop nicking my friends') and just bought some torches which i am stuggling with - who invented this crazy grip system?!!???!

coleman out.

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i come to 'dis cafe quite a lot myself.
they do porridge."
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Posted:wow, got alot more posts than i thought i would
but this is awesome, so keep em comin everyone.

I need to find something witty for this so people like me...



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Posted:16 (nearly 17 so stop laughing!)
being doing poi for a few months now so quite amiturish.
i use uv poi coz i have a uv light in my room and as im still pretty much a child i like all things glowing and brightly coloured!!
i got into it when i went round to my friends neiboughs to borrow his drum and he was im the back garden fire spinning and i was just mesmerised by it.

i'll draw you a picture ill draw it with a twist ill draw it with a razorblade ill draw it on my wrist and if i do it right a red fountain will appear washing away my sorrow washing away my fear



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Posted:nice signature.

I smell something burning.



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Posted:im 16 and have been performing with fire for about a year now...

tools i can use:poi,meteor,long staff,long torch,short staff,swords,askrima sticks,fans,fire fingers,diablo, fire breathing,fire eating, fire trailing, and a few homemade tools of mass destruction

faves: poi and askrima sticks..tho comet is fun too

its to dying in anothers arms and why i had to try it......


Ash Blackstar

Ash Blackstar

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Posted:Texan Female, Military Brat (My Bio Father was Air force, my Dad is Army)
17 years of age, 18 on december 30th
I use poi, fire swords, and am attemtping to learn staff

I started about september or october of last year with a set made from leather thong with duck tape wrapped pool noodle left over from my boff swords. Uprgaded to braided yarn, and finally went to dog choke collars with tennis balls on the end.

My first public performance was at last years Haunted hayride, using glowsticks. My first fire performance was last night at the haunted hayride. I head the poi troupe known as Danns Lasair, and last night was our official introduction to society.

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, I would rate myself at about a 3.


Ash Blackstar

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Posted:American Male, 32, from NYC.

I first saw fire spinning at an SCA event in PA in 2000. It seemed really cool, but I never really thought about trying it.

I started fire spinning on sept 7th of 2002 and am hooked.

I use cathedral wicks on long ball chains that I got from HoP. (Thanks, Malcolm!)

Staff would be fun to play with, but I really want to try fire swords.

I span to music for the first time last night, which was great. D'Yer Mak'er, by Led Zep is a great song to spin to.



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