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I thought, seeing that I have exams coming up REALLY soon, that I should try some meditation to get rid of all of the "outside" and currently unimportant thoughts that are cramming my mind, and taking up valuable work space.

But the question is, how?

How do you people meditate, and have you got any personal effects which make it better for you?

Explain this to me as if I am really dumb, the peroxide still is in my scalp... And I dont catch on quick

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Hey! I've never been much good at meditation either - mind always racing and cluttered.

However, recently a golden goddess has entered my life and will no doubt guide me on my quest of spiritual awakening.

This woman, I'll call her EarthHoney, gave me a gift of a little wooden buddah. She taught me a mantra

"Om Mani Pade Hum"

and chanted it with me. The energy we created in doing so was pure and white and whisked me away so quickly that I wanted to pull back, but I let it run full cycle and was cleansed and energised. All this in the space of a couple of minutes.

The mantra Om Mani Padme Hum is easy to say and very powerful because it contains the essence of the entire Buddhist teaching. - The six syllables of the mantra purify the six realms of existence....

So basically, without getting religious but tapping into your consciousness and spirituality with a focus on an object (little buddha) clarity and contentment can be achieved.

I know it sounds cliche, but yoga is also really good for gaining clarity of mind and really feeling that connection between mind, body and spirit; be that your spirit as well as that of the greater consciousness.

(hehee - bet none of you expected to read anything like that from flash fire!)

Best of luck with your exams!

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I meditate by playing stick, i find the whole process of letting your body run and you mind focused/unfocused in flow is the best meditation Ive discovered.



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I agree with nix...anything where your mind is not racing at a million miles an hour is what meditation is all about...when I am playing with poi, learning new tricks etc or running through moves I find it is like a meditation, you are focused on what ever it is that you are doing and so your brain stops worrying over the stress things like study for exams...also a bit of excercise is all good for stimulating the brain when exams are coming, so excercise and mental focus by doing what you enjoy anyway = better exams!!

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Hrrm, is there a way of umm... let me rephrase.

I think to myself like this,
English work -
My room looks pretty boring -
I cant wait till I get my new bed -
Should my walls be green? -
I hope that we have a garage sale soon -
What should i wear to the formal -
I have to do some washing later -
Oh no, English tomorrow -
Hehehe, the cat looks funny -
I want to go on the net -
That's right... english tomorrow... etc etc etc

Mentally, I try to find any excuse not to do any study, or, in my mind I get too easily distracted with ANYTHING... I've been known to sit for hours, LITERALLY, at least up to 4 hours, just sitting there and thinking about everything... BUT I cant set my mind on the one thing...

Any help?
I hope that made some sence too.

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I am not 100% sure I believe in meditation. I will tell you this though, finding a way to relax to the point where your almost asleep is real. I love the quiet minutes just before I slip off into dream land hehe.

If that what meditation is then I guess it is real. *shrugs* who knows

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Here are a few different techniques I use to meditate. Some of these are mutually exclusive, others can be used together.

1) Yogic breathing. Take a breath in that fills your lungs over the count of five. Then exhale completely over the count of five. This takes some practice while you get used to how quickly you have to fill your lungs to time it like this, but concentrating on breathing for a while is one way.

2) An object. Take a simple, but somewhat interesting object (a paper clip [my personal favorite], a dinner fork, a coin) and study it for a few moments. Then, set a timer for one minute and close your eyes. Think only about that object. "View" it from different angles, "feel" its weight and temperature, etc. If your thoughts stray (and they will the first several times), try to go back and reconstruct how your thoughts got to where they were.

After you can concentrate just on that object for a minute (this may take a few weeks), set your timer for 90 seconds, and then go up to 2 minutes. The timer is important because with the timer you don't have to worry about how long you have left, you just know that time's not up until the timer goes off.

3) Animal, mineral, vegetable. I use my hemp necklace with a stone hanging from it for this. Find an example of mineral and vegetable. Finding an example of animal may be a bit tougher. Concentrate on the "animalness" or "mineralness" or "vegetableness" of the object that you are focusing on for a given time using a timer.

4) Morphing. Look at something that has changed over time (hint, most things change over time). An old man, a young baby, your beloved, a pebble in a stream, a tree, a cut in your skin. Try to imagine what that thing will look like in XXX years or how it looked XXX years ago. Then try to imagine the process whereby that thing will undergo that transformation.

In particular, I personally believe that using this exercise to focus on healing may be of some medical value. That's not a medical opinion, it's a personal one.

Don't try all of these at once. The yogic breathing obviously mixes nicely with the others, but it's not necessary. Take 5-10 minutes out of every day to work on meditation. Once you get it down, it's great for long plane or car rides (obviously don't meditate while driving).

Good luck!

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Yogic Breathing is most definetly a great way to start. >>a full yogic breath is a deep inhalation in which your stomach is the first to expand, followed by your chest then up into your clavicle. The exhalation follows the same pattern in reverse (clavicle, chest, stomach). Concentrating on just your breathing is a form of meditation and probably the easiest too.

I find a mantra is especially helpful. It keeps the mind focused and single minded.

I also find that meditation works best in the early morning or late evening...when the rest of the world is quiet and there are less distractions.

Don't be discourage if you find you can't even do it for 5 minutes. It's hard!..and takes lots of time and patience to master. But constant and consistent attempts will most definelty leave you more relaxed and sharp.

If you find after a few minutes that your mind has wondered...don't scold yourself and force yourself back into your mantra or non-thinking. Allow the thought to play itself out and then return back to your mantra. Resistence and force against your minds natural inclination to think will only make you frustrated and discouraged.

Goodluck both with meditation and your exams


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I find this really works for me, when I need to get my mind off of things. I get my poi out, and just start spinning. Its a motion that comes so naturally to me, that I can throw myself into it and just not think. It gets me into a near trance state, if not a full trance state. It works even better with the fire. Its a repetitive movement, my entire body flows so well with the movements, and because its so natural, and so wonderful, that everything kinda melts away. Pain, fear, despair, anxiety goes away, leaving a feeling of peace, security and joy. Its a totally euphoric experience, and because of it, I doubt I will ever try drugs. Its a drug in and of itself.
Good luck
Lots of And

Ash Blackstar

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Hi Silence
I'm pretty bad at meditating, too, though i agree with others here that yoga is a good way to clear your mind, and, like Ash said, poi works for me too.
I have the studying problem you do, too: wanting (and finding) stuff to do that has nothing whatsoever to do with what I'm supposed to be studying. What i usually do is take myself off to the uni library: there's an attic in there with no windows, and the greek and latin books are kept there so usually there's no-one else around. I still have trouble concentrating there, but at least there are fewer distractions! I still WANT to go online, or read (something non-study-related) or call someone, or spin poi, or make myself a cup of coffee, but luckily, I can't when i'm up there.
I usually end up studying till 4 in the morning before the exam anyway, because at the last minute i suddenly DO find the motivation & concentration to work - usually that's too late though

good luck on the exam!!


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one focus one thought one body one soul all and none dark and light.


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I do a kind of zen meditation called zazen.

For me its not a religious thing, its more of a practical tool.
But I have found it helpful.


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There is this really interesting way to clear your mind called "Stream of Conciousness". It is an improv acting technique that I put anyone I direct through and do it myself when the voices in my head get too noisy.

Do this alone the first time you try and make sure you have a good deal of time to do it in.
Sit in a quiet room, without alot of moving destractions and pick a spot on a blank wall (not a painting or photo), just a random spot.
Now, start talking. Don't monitor what you are saying at all, don't think, just let it flow. First what will happen is cognitive thoughts will pour out. Then just sentences. Then words. Then obscure sounds until there is really nothing left to say. It is hard at first but once you get it, it is really worth it. It clears your mind for a bit and really is kind of lightening to the overall spirit. I did this alot in my head and under my breath in the hospital. More recently I did it with writing to see what would happen. It was interesting.

Another thing you can try, more physical and you already know how is to spin, with your eyes closed. No music, just you and the poi/staff. It is very much a moving meditation.

Anyway, good luck!

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Mike, sunspot + Dromepixie have mentioned all that i had wanted to - that the truest meditation is the uncluttering of the psyche. Besides it's impossible to know even the extent of the clutter without such peace. mental static is like a ringing in the ear; it is annoying, prevents peace and is subtle to detect after a while.

g'luck on your exams olga, and try not to drink too much coffee!!!

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I wanted to add something to what Bender said. It's not possible to totally clear/empty your mind unless you're brain-dead (or have just listened to a Britney Spears album in its entirety). There is always neural activity in your higher centers and thus your brain is always working on something other than just regulating your autonomic functions. Even when you are asleep, your brain keeps on working (hence, dreams).

But how many things are going through your head at once? How rapidly do you shift between them? Meditation is about focusing on just one thing and not allowing extraneous thoughts to shove that one thing out of the way. That brings a stability to your mind that, on top of being healthy, can be very useful (for example, if you can meditate, you may find it easier to focus on studying or other activities that require sustained focus).

In fact, I often look at studying as a form of meditation. Much as how monks go into a trance-like state when they are reading their scriptures, I do the same when I'm studying. I put on some music to block out distracting noises and focus. After a while, the only thing that I'm concerned with is the material, not the test, not the relevance (or lack thereof), but just understanding the material.

There's this view of meditation as being this thing where you sit in the lotus position and eventually start to float off the ground. I don't see it that way, I see it as focusing your mind on one thing. It can be a tool of learning (as I use it to study), of inward exploration (which is a really advanced trick that I wouldn't even know how to start describing), or just of peace and passing time (which the exercises I listed are great for).

I started meditating when I was a young teenager. I had no idea that it was even meditation, per se. I wasn't into any "new-age" stuff or anything else. In fact, I was one of the most straight-laced kids you'd ever seen. I just have always had insomnia, so I started meditating on long car or plane rides to pass the time. Or when lying in bed and trying to fall asleep.

It wasn't until the last few years that I started reading about it and realizing that, yes, I had been meditating, and that I could take it to newer and higher levels. Not only that, but the first time I did acid, I realized that it was just like meditating...except it kept me awake, made me feel queezy to my stomach, and dilated my eyes. I don't do acid anymore because meditation has all the positives without any of the negatives.

I've shocked a few doctors by using meditation to spike my blood pressure to 170/130 and then minutes later having it at 120/75. Or changing my heart rate at will. Play around with it for a while and you can do silly tricks like this, too.

And to think that I stumbled across all of this by accident...


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Heyja, hope you're studying's going well!
I have been doing varoius forms of meditation for years, but I do like Pele's idea of speaking to a wall (especially as that's all I have to speak to most of the time!)
I find focusing on the breathing is very usefull. You can try just watching the breath for a few minutes. Then try imagining that you are breathing out from different parts of the body. Start with the breath going out from your mouth, then your throat, then your chest and so on until the breath leaves you from your toes. See the air travelling in from your nose and then travelling down and out through the area you are focusing on.It may take a while to get used to it, as does all forms of meditation, but just keep practising and it will come.
Mantra meditation is also very useful if you are restless, as I am, as you are speaking instead of doing 'nothing'. My favourite is ' om mah hung vajra guru padme sidhi hum' . You can say it to yourself in your mind or speak it outloud or sing it in what ever fashion suits you.The most important thing is to say it with intent. This is an ancient Tibetan chant that almost touches the heavens, and somehow speaking outloud to the universe with these pure words is very soothing. It is an extension of what Flashfire mentioned earlier, which means 'jewel of the lotus' which is a sacred flower to the Tibetans.
I have found tens, maybe hundreds, of very useful techniques, bit these are a couple a find very useful. Good luck! XXOO

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just to elaborate on what everyone's already said, a few tips:
at first you're going to suck at it. you'll have all these thoughts comming in and out constantly. the key is not to attatch anything to them. think the thought, then let it go.
don't get frusterated. cuz frusteration is just more thoughts. just let thoughts float through your head like a bubble on water.

oh and last tip, don't call yourself stupid. you might start believing it


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wow mikey you can do that to your heart rate?!?! how neato!
alot of esotericists believe that meditation is a misused term, like 'nuclear family'
:giggles like a child:
it is believed that the truest form of meditation in the esotericsm sense of the word, is in a sleep (in the physical world) and is the only way to perceive the shapeless nature of the 7th dimension. For now, the logical part of my mind sez 'don't believe it bill unless you've experienced it'
so I'll be patient and wait until my path takes me there... or not!
peace be with us!

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I'm up to the 9th dimension! Neener neener neener!!!

My dimensions are bigger than yours are!

(Oh boy! Competitive mediation! What a fun thought! )

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