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Posted:Just got this emailed to me
quote:Dear Sir/madam,


Please note that after years, the registration on the domain name SWINGINGONLINE.COM was not renewed and this domain became available to register.

Consequently, we have been approached to market this domain name that has been tracked and registered by a client. As a result, SWINGINGONLINE.COM is now available from us for IMMEDIATE transfer.
Some how I don't think this is a good address for a poi site. However I am sure it will get a few visitors.

Anyone interested?

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molten cheers,

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Posted:That brings up many mental images...

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Posted:Why would you need it Malcolm? Aren't we enough for you? I mean you already get alot of swingers through here!

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Posted:Just to say that in a few days a domain name I bought once becomes available again, basically I can't afford to renew it and I don't have the time to develop it. It is and I had planned to build a site around spinning fire and spinning records, but I would love to hear that it has gone to a new home where it'll be used for one of these things.

( is where I got it)

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