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Queen Tea
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Queen Tea

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Posted:Hi guys,

Ok, the 'meet others' thing didn't throw up and people in Herts when I asked so I was just wondering if there might be anyone who is in or around the area or who comes through here at all. I ask because, as some of you may have seen from my intro post, I'm new to Poi and wouldn't mind a bit of friendly guidance biggrin So yeah, anyone ever find themselves in Herts? I'm in sunny Hemel Hempstead if it helps wink I'll also be in Worcester soon (not at the same time... amazing as that would be) so y'know... yeah.


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Posted:Oooooh Hemel. rolleyes

How you doing hun? hug

I sometimes live in Chesham. But im in Canterbury a lot now. There is a good collection of spinners over in Wycombe (I know its a bit of a mission but its worth it). Dont goto Chesham. It blows.




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Posted:Hemel? -- how you doing?

I tryed Hertfordshire as well -- and when it didn't give me anything, then I tryed 'St Albans' (where i live!) which didn't give me anything ether, so checked nearby areas, and here i am.

Now my life story's finished i'll get to the point -- when you say your off to Worcester soon, how soon do you mean?

Get back to me. I know a few spinners around here.

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Posted:Howdy people, im from the Aylesbury area( please no runnin away) we aint all that bad from here i promise u lol!

Im also new to the world of poi so im sure there r a few of us in the same boat with out a paddle or a clue lookin for a bit of guidence!




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Posted:hey i'm kinda new to the area just moved to cockfosters and dont really know anyone here, any spinners near by fancy meeting up let me know an stuff

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