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Now, I have been on HoP for a couple days short of a year, and it has been a very eventful year too.

I would like everyone's opinion, using the slip provided, as to why HoP is possibly the nicest bunch of peeps it has ever been anyones pleasure to encounter.

At PLAY, I got talking to a small group of the VDubbers who had ambulated over to watch the show on Saturday Night. The comments ranged from 'Ive never seen anything like it, its all so amazing', referring to the performers, to comments like 'You are all so welcoming', 'you hear about the youth of today, and how its so bad, then we meet a group like you', 'the atmosphere here is so wonderful'. I had to agree.
They also couldnt understand that we were, at base, an online community, and that the hard work of Dunc and the gang had all been put in for the community (that is, not just HoP, but the whole juggling/spinning/OM community).

hug hug hug hug hug

So, why do you think this is?


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