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Posted:Hey guys not sure if there is a leeds meet up group already, (sorry if there is) if there is not, I thought it would be kool idea to meet fellow Poi people in leeds!

Im actuly heading up to the Dry dock around the back on the grass at 5:30ish with a friend tonight.

if no body can make it, we could arrange another date? im not excalty any good at poi's I try and do the Wave but most of the time Im always lying on the floor due to hitting myself in the crown jewels lol.

I was thinking on a friday evening meet up, because after a long week at work/college/Uni ect ect there is nothing better then letting your tension out, so you can be ready for drinking at the weekend? biggrin

Let me know what you think! because I would love to meet other Poi ppl, to share tricks/moves and stuff biggrin


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Posted:hey there, there are a few threads with this on. i live in ripon and go to uni in like to meet up with ppl so pm me if your interested/


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Posted:hey ive been looking for someone round leeds but i cnt meet on a fri because im at school but id love to meet up sometime inm new to this and need someone to bounce a few tricks off



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