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Posted:Does anyone have a good personal motto or any general advice?

Because the year 12s have to fill out a sort of profile that goes in the yearbook at the end of the year...and the questions are as follows:

'I've learnt ...

I love/d ...

My advice is ...

My motto is ...

Don't tell anyone but ... '

I don't like them, but we have to do it...and I'm stuck on the motto and advice any good suggestions are greatly appreiciated. I don't want to have the corny ones like 'life is short' 'live life to the fullest' 'follow your heart' because everyone will have ones like those! I kind of want it to be witty but lovely at the same time. I want it to bring a smile on all the other years 12s (and everyone else) who will read it.

Some of you have good ones in your signitarues, I've noticed this over time. So I'll be taking notice of signatures now!

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