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Posted:I've just had a go at clubs today and found it ok except one thing...I can't seem to easily swing the club more than once on each side (eg for doing the weave).Is there somthing I can do to make that easier?I've also found that all the triple/quad/quint moves can be done (with difficulty) with clubs, as can the bhtb moves.Jo.

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The Cabiri

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Posted:Hey Jo,Club swinging is a whole new universe - actually pretty different from poi if you do them right... and the history of club swinging is pretty amazing.Feel free to tune out, I just think this is very cool stuff:- 'clubs' (full name Indian Clubs) originated in India, where the Indian army used them for training and battle technique- the British Army adapted them shortly after they discovered them (thieves! just kidding...)- in 1860 Sim Kehoe introduced Indian clubs to the United States, where they got immensely popular - people used them for strength and coordination training- club swinging became integrated into gymnastics and elaborate choreography and technique developed- very beautiful, intricate wooden swinging clubs were produced (and are very collectible today!)- club swinging was actually briefly introduced into the Olympics in America in the 1930's (it did not survive, obviously)- club swinging faded away, and almost completely died out - until the 1970's when it was revived- rhythmic gymnasts still use clubs in their routines, and many jugglers are familiar with how to manipulate themMany of our club-swinging teachers have been jugglers. We quickly realized that club swinging is tough - getting the grip down is a challenge unto itself! There are no handles to wrap your fingers around like poi!Some tips:There are two grips in proper club swinging: one is a 'ball-and-socket' grip, wherein your fingers are all relatively straight, and almost touching at the fingertips. the 'ball' of the club fits inside the open area in your palm, and the club can move quite freely. this is a loose grip, not a tight one, and while learning you'll drop them a lot! the second grip involves the entire club essentially held between thumb and index finger. this, again, is not a super-tight grip - it is loose, such that the club can move freely. these are the ONLY TWO GRIPS you'll need to use clubs. learning to transition between the two is VERY useful, and necessary if you want smooth flowing movements.there are some really cool tricks, which are utterly and totally inexplicable in writing - they are called 'snakes' and these moves involve some different grips... more advanced stuff, for sure.another thing to think about when swinging clubs, is that it looks pretty cool if you use the 'proper form' as far as body position and 'ideal' club swinger stood perfectly straight and tall, and nothing on his/her body moved except the arms. no swaying, no bending of the torso, just perfect, centered, grounded, movement. it's quite striking and powerful when done correctly...Renegade Juggling sells some books/videos on club swinging if you are really interested in learning more... they are at www.renegadejuggling.comor you could just swing them around like poi and disregard all this pomp and circumstance, which also works fine but doesn't honor the history of the tool so much... I'm a sucker for technique, I guess.anyway, good luck!*Charly*The